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Why composites require more sophisticated production processes

There are many factors to consider when building or designing a product, such as strength, feel, compressibility, and load-bearing capacity. Determining the right material that meets all of these specifications is critical to achieving the designer's vision and the product's intended purpose.

Composite materials are developed by combining two or more materials with different properties to meet the specific needs of the material, such as being very light yet very strong. Examples include Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and many other fibers.

composite materials

While the new material offers clear advantages, it is also difficult to cut and, importantly, costly to waste. For these reasons, it is important to have a precise production process that minimizes errors and optimizes the use of the product.

Composites are unique materials in which the components do not dissolve or mix together, but instead form a heterogeneous mixture. Most composites rely on one material as the matrix and another (usually stronger) material as the reinforcement. Composites are used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, military and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Composite material cutting machine

To stay ahead of the competition, you need:

Maximize accuracy

By delivering automated cutting with absolute precision, even the toughest materials can be cut in one pass.

Reduce labor requirements

Integrate technology to automate the CAD-to-cut process, minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Accelerate time to market

Maximize productivity and get products to market quickly by seamlessly passing data throughout the supply chain.

How can AOL composite cutting equipment help you?

A single solution for every material

Since most composite and technical textile manufacturers use a variety of materials and sizes in production, it’s important to have a flexible and versatile solution that can handle it all. Equipped with multiple tool heads and an advanced vision system, the AOL-1625 industrial fabric cutting machine provides industry-leading versatility to cut a variety of materials with absolute precision and accuracy.

Seamless data integration from CAD to cutting room

Be agile and flexible with a fully integrated solution from design to cutting room. Leverage next-generation CAD, nesting and cut planning software to seamlessly transfer data from design to the cutting room to accurately create production patterns based on your product's unique characteristics, improve cut planning and optimize the cutting process

Industry-leading nesting and cutting software

Our powerful software provides simple solutions to the most common problems in the composites and technical textile industries. Our software solutions easily identify cut parts and automate the nesting process for more accuracy, even when working with the most difficult materials such as fiberglass, dry and prepreg carbon fiber, canvas, vinyl, nylon and more The result is cut parts and improved material utilization. By utilizing our cutting-edge solutions, you will achieve the highest quality, flawless finished product.

Cut quality at the speed you need

With a fully connected solution, you can mass-produce products of the highest quality in no time. With Gerber's advanced multi-layer spreading and cutting solutions, you can seamlessly transfer data from CAD to the cutting room. Digital cutting machines can cut multi-layer composite materials with unparalleled speed and precision while reducing labor and material costs, significantly increasing your return on investment.

Unparalleled cut quality and unparalleled ease of use

AOL improves productivity, product quality and speeds time to market. It is the ideal tool for manufacturers and suppliers in the composites and technical textiles industries. AOL combines cutting window flexibility, advanced vision technology and ease of use to ensure accuracy and precision in every cut; enabling customers to achieve the best combination of productivity, cutting speed and finished product quality.

Not only can 10 more composite products be cut in the time it takes to cut one, but they can be cut to a higher level of precision and accuracy while reducing waste and errors. In an industry with high costs and high demands for precision and quality, these types of benefits are hard to ignore.

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