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Have you chosen a cost-effective small batch carton cutting machine?

The characteristic of small batch production is that the production quantity is relatively small, so the requirements for production equipment are also relatively high. When selecting machines, we pay more attention to factors such as performance, efficiency, floor space and maintenance costs. Among them, equipment with a small footprint and high degree of automation is the first choice for many small-volume manufacturers.

Secondly, the core of automated production lies in the ability to automatically carry out loading, cutting, collecting and other operations, thereby achieving unmanned production. Therefore, cutting machines with feeding devices that can automatically feed, cut, and collect materials have become essential equipment for many small-batch manufacturers. Such equipment can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and also reduce the impact of human factors on production quality.

In addition, it is also a challenge for manufacturers to switch freely between different orders. At this time, a cutting machine with built-in visual positioning and QR code scanning is particularly important. This type of equipment can realize free switching between different orders without manual intervention, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

A cost-effective cutting machine is crucial for manufacturers. AOL-1070 cutting machine perfectly meets all the above requirements. It not only occupies a small area and has a high degree of automation, but also comes with visual positioning and QR code scanning functions, which can realize free switching of different orders, match different tools, and realize different cutting processes of different materials.

AOL-1070 cutting machine

Designed to meet a variety of machining and finishing production needs. Digital flatbed cutting systems are designed to meet the diverse processing and finishing needs of professionals in the PSP, packaging, sign and graphics, POP/POS display and textile markets. Increase your productivity and profitability by integrating versatile digital cutting solutions directly into your workflow. The AOL-1070 Series is more than just a cutting system, it's a powerful asset that can take your business to new heights.

cutting material

Advantages of 1070 carton cutting machine:

Precision Cutting: Provides exceptional precision, ensuring precise cuts every time, saving material waste and reducing errors

Versatility: Can handle a variety of materials, from paper and cardstock to leather and plastic, making it suitable for a variety of applications

Increased Productivity: These cutting machines feature automated cutting capabilities that reduce manual labor, thereby significantly increasing productivity and efficiency

Multi-tool capability: Ability to manage multiple tool positions on a single sheet, enabling adaptable cutting processes to meet a variety of production needs

User Friendly: With an intuitive control system, these cutting machines are easy to operate even for beginners, thus shortening the learning curve

Durability: Designed to withstand high-volume operations, ensuring reliable, long-term performance

Safety Measures: These knives have safety features built into the design, prioritizing operator safety during operation

High-speed operation: high-speed operation without affecting accuracy while reducing production time

Seamless integration: Can be easily integrated into existing production lines, making it a valuable addition to any operation

Cost-effective: By combining multiple functions into one machine and reducing physical labor, these cutting machines are a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes

The AOL-1070 cutting machine is ahead of other similar equipment with its high efficiency, automation, and wide applicability of cutting materials. It is also a perfect complement to the production of commercial advertisements and sign props, realizing a fully digital production process!

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