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What is BoPET material and how to cut it using CNC equipment

Are you confused about cutting BoPET film? Are you confused by your inability to fulfill small batch orders? Next, let me take you through Bopet and how to cut it!

What is BoPET?

BoPET is a film made from stretched polyester (PET).

The chemical name for this plastic film is biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate, giving rise to its abbreviated form BoPET.

BoPET film

Features and advantages of BoPET

BoPET is a clear, matte acrylic resin with high tensile strength.

Since BoPET is made of polyester, the material is heat-resistant.

Mylar is less than half a millimeter thick but has good dimensional stability, meaning it does not deform when wet or heated. BoPET is also electrically insulating.

Mylar can withstand temperatures from -70°C to 150°C.

PET film has good chemical resistance and barrier properties, ensuring that gases and odors cannot penetrate the material.

Another advantage of BoPET is that even though the material is very thin, it is still electrically insulating. Plastic foil can act as an insulating layer in electronic devices. It takes up very little space but is still a great insulator.

In the video below you can see how we cut mylar to spec on a cutting plotter.

We cut precisely to your dimensions and specifications so it's ready for your production line. We can cut all shapes and make incisions where needed.

Advantages of BOPET cutting equipment:

1: Compatible with all commonly used design software, no matter which packaging design software is used, no conversion is required, sample production can be completed by directly importing it into the control software;

2: Equipped with a drawing function head, you can quickly and easily draw mold line drawings to facilitate later mold production.

3: Breakpoint recovery function, if the equipment is suddenly interrupted due to external reasons while working, after resuming work, sampling can be completed from the interrupted part;

4: Data inspection function, sealing and overlap inspection of design drawings to avoid problems such as uncut, repeated cutting or pressing at the same position when cutting samples;

5: Advanced roller creasing technology, equipped with a variety of folding wheels, suitable for crimping packaging products of different specifications.

BOPET film cutting equipment

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