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Shape your dedicated digital cutting equipment

We're excited about the inspiration, creativity, and innovation digital die cutting offers customers like you because our experience shows that digital die cutting takes your marketing materials to the next level. This technology is also really fun and really brings our clients’ completed projects to life.

If this die-cutting method fits your approach to marketing materials, you'll be glad you have one of our AOL digital cutting machines. It is this innovative technology that makes the biggest difference between traditional die-cutting and digital die-cutting. AOL makes die cutting extremely versatile and very affordable for any size project.

1070 plus cutting machine

Digital Cutting Projects and Related Cutting Videos:

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Cutting methods and applications:

Cutting Tools/Knives: Our cutting technology quickly cuts thin materials into custom shapes. Typically, you can use this method on materials we offer, such as corrugated cardboard, Coroplast, foam board, vinyl, and various paper stocks.

Creasing Tool: We use this tool for perfect creasing of single wall corrugated cardboard. Our creasing wheels produce high-quality along-grain and against-grain creasing without tearing or cracking the top layer of the substrate. It provides the beautiful printing effect that we are known for.

Kiss Cutting Tool: For vinyl cutting applications, especially kiss cutting, when perfect accuracy of cut depth is critical, we use this tool. The variable pressure we are able to apply allows for perfectly precise cutting of the foil without damaging the lining material. We also use it to cut vinyl and other films up to 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick. Our expert technicians also use this tool to cut tissue and card stock if they deem it necessary.

V-Cut Tool: This tool is the “go-to” tool for creating complex structural designs using foam core or sandwich panel materials. The V-shaped shape of our tools allows for easy and precise folding of cartons and various packages from multiple angles. That's why your custom packaging is a piece of cake with AOL cutting equipment.

Router Tools: Our technicians will use our router tools to cut hard plastics, acrylic sheets, composite panels, and many other rigid substrates we offer for your project. This method is ideal for cutting hard surface substrates up to 1 inch thick and softer materials up to 2 inches thick.

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Use our digital die cutting process to create packaging, signage, invitations, envelopes, trade show exhibits, vinyl cut lettering and any project. Unlike traditional die cutting, our service offers extensive flexibility, cutting your material perfectly while being extremely affordable and allowing you to work with a variety of materials.

Whether you are interested in on-demand die cutting, single piece die cutting, or thousands of pieces, digital die cutting allows you to express your most creative concepts in a personalized and cost-effective way.

How does it work?

Use multiple design software to design die-cut templates for your projects. We welcome your designs, or you can use our in-house creative design services to help bring your project to life.

Our technicians then perform a layered analysis of the design and make markings such as routing, kiss cuts, indentations, and perforations. With hundreds of blades and drill bits to choose from, there's sure to be one that's right for your job.

Our AOL die-cutting machines run 24 hours a day, so we can meet your budget and schedule needs while delivering the high-quality product you expect.

How is it different from traditional die cutting?

In contrast to our method, traditional die cutting uses a metal mold made from a cutting blade, which is then mounted to a solid backing material.

To form the shape, a metal mold is pressed into the material or substrate. Changing or adjusting metacasting molds is difficult and expensive, as each mold costs $200 to make.

In contrast, our digital die-cutting process is fully automated, extremely precise and flexible; so any adjustments or changes are quick, easy and cost-effective.

Our digital die-cutting method offers incredible versatility and performance, scalable to a variety of substrates to choose from. Acrylic, plexiglass, adhesive vinyl, wood board, rubber, foam core, cardboard and more can be cut.

If you're looking for low-volume, affordability, and high quality, AOL1070's digital die-cutting services are unmatched. Our experienced and service-oriented die-cutting technicians know how to handle every project and material with ease, AOL1070 Digital guarantees beautiful and high-quality die-cut products.

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