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Three minutes to understand the use and cutting process of felt crafts

Types of felt materials:

  Felt, a material commonly used in industry, mostly uses wool as raw material, and also uses cow hair or fiber as raw material, which is processed and bonded. There are two uses: industrial felt and craft felt. In terms of industry, due to the elasticity of the felt, it can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, cushioning, and elastic steel wire felt-based felts, and is used in various industrial machinery-vibration reduction, oil lubrication, anti-friction and other industries. Today, we mainly talk about the application and processing of felt in handicrafts.

  Wool felt crafts originated in Europe. After being popular in Europe and America for several centuries, it is popular in Japan, Taiwan and other places. Now it is a popular handicraft. Wool felt handicrafts are rich in color and shape, DIY by hand.

  The advantage of being suitable for creation is loved by many fashion people and craftsmen. Due to the simple material, low price and good plasticity of wool felt, felt handicrafts are constantly innovating and developing. More and more handcraft masters and makers have begun to use felt to make all kinds of lovely handicrafts.

  It can be seen that the use of felt is no longer a single purpose of keeping warm, but has a wider range of uses, which is now a mature market - felt handicraft market.


  Advantages of felt material: high elasticity, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant and self-extinguishing, effective fire prevention. Wear-resistant, not easy to damage, insulating. Not easy to deform, easy to fold and store, good insulation, good shock absorption effect, high water absorption. Renewable resources, environmental protection materials. It is precisely because of these advantages of felt materials that felt is widely used in the manufacture of handicrafts: felt coasters, felt insoles, key chains, exquisite coasters, backpacks, glasses bags, wallets, fashion handbags, facial tissue tubes, key protectors, mobile phones Cases, Laptop Sleeves, Tablet Cases, Cosmetic Bags, etc. These handicrafts are suitable for commercial advertising promotions and gifts, economical and practical, and have a certain advertising effect.

Felt cutting equipment is different:

  There are three types of felt cutting machines: laser machines, die cutting machines, and CNC cutting machines. Die cutting machines use different shapes of abrasives, and then use different pressures to cut the felt into different shapes. Suitable for simple graphics and small DIY products. With the continuous increase of felt making ideas, the processing limitations of die-cutting machines are becoming more and more obvious, mainly in the following three aspects:

1. The processing width of the die-cutting machine is small: the processing width of the die-cutting machine is small, so before using the die-cutting machine, it is necessary to cut the whole roll of felt into small-sized felt blocks for processing and cutting, which affects the processing efficiency of the felt. Moreover, it cannot meet the cutting process of large-scale handicrafts, such as making large-scale Christmas ornaments, felt bags, etc.;

2. Poor flexibility of die-cutting machine: adopt die-cutting processing. Most of the molds are simple graphics, which cannot meet the customer's imagination, and require a lot of abrasive tools, which seriously affects the customer's desire to make felt crafts;

3. Poor machining accuracy of die-cutting machine: Die-cutting machine uses gravity to cut felt. For some low-weight, soft felts, there will be a sagging phenomenon, and the flatness of the processed products will be poor.

There is also a well-known laser cutting machine. I have explained some disadvantages of laser cutting machines in detail before, so I won’t repeat them here. For details, you can refer to Why choose vibration knife cutting instead of laser machine or rotary knife?

  So how to better satisfy customers' creation of felt crafts? The rich imagination of customers is no longer limited by this device. We recommend another way to cut felt crafts——CNC Vibrating Knife Felt Cutting Equipment.

Felt CNC Cutting Machine

Compared with traditional mold and die-cutting processes, CNC machining has three significant advantages:

1. Different configurations can be selected according to customer requirements: when customers choose CNC vibrating knife cutting machine, they can choose different configurations according to different materials. And the size and model of the cutting machine can be selected according to the size of the cutting material. Customers can choose different configurations according to processing needs to achieve the best cutting effect and reduce production capital investment;

2. Simple operation and flexible processing methods

3. It can meet the high-precision cutting of materials, not only simple graphic cutting, but also complex graphic cutting.

  Nowadays, the effective cutting range of the felt CNC cutting machine can be customized according to the needs of customers, which not only increases the effective processing width, but also adopts imported configuration, which is more suitable for fast cutting; the function of the cutting machine has also been expanded. Not only can the fast cutting of the felt be realized, but also the fast scanning of the felt surface can be realized. For example, engraving decorative patterns or logos on coasters, placemats or felt bags adds to the aesthetics and publicity of the product.

  CNC felt cutting machine is widely used in the production of felt products. Whether it is felt DIY, or mass production of felt coasters, placemats, felt bags, etc., you can choose an oscillating knife cutting machine. AOL has extensive experience in the application of felt CNC cutting machines. If you are looking for products suitable for felt cutting, please contact us, we will provide you with the most professional felt CNC cutting machine, really help you achieve better production.

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