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Knife cutting machine for packaging carton factory

With the progress of society, many products now need packaging. As a packaging manufacturer, are you still troubled by low efficiency? It is recommended that you purchase a carton cutting machine. Why choose carton box cutting machine? Let me tell you the advantages of buying an AOL knife cutter.

carton box cutting machine

The carton slitting machine is a fully automatic slitting device that does not require manual operation and saves a lot of manpower. The knife cutting machine adopts advanced high-speed motion control system, with fast cutting speed, no burning and no peculiar smell. One machine can replace 4-6 workers for manual cutting and proofing, which not only improves work efficiency and cutting accuracy, but also improves the signing rate. AOL cutting machine can replace multiple sets of intelligent knives at will, which is easy to operate, safe and environmentally friendly. Carton intelligent slitting machine with high slitting precision, guaranteed slitting quality and saving raw materials.

The carton cutting machine is mainly used for cutting various materials in the packaging industry. It can cut a variety of packaging materials, such as cardboard, gray board, corrugated paper, PVC, PP board, honeycomb cardboard, foam, etc., with high cutting precision, fully meeting the market demand of modern high-standard packaging. And according to customer requirements Demand, customize the length and width of the machine!

Cuttable Advertising Packaging Materials

AOL fully automatic computerized cutting system is specially designed for your mass production cutting needs, using blade cutting machine for cutting, AOL fully automatic cutting machine provides precise results when running at high speed, easily producing a series of lines, shapes and arcs.

Design and manufacture CNC cutting machines using state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with a superior end product. Whether your business is a small shop, heavy equipment manufacturer or steel service center, we have high performance cutting machines to meet your needs.

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