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Quality inspection must be carried out before delivery of CNC cutting machine

     AOL is a manufacturer integrating design, R&D and manufacturing. Every day, machines are delivered to buyers, but after the machines are produced, we will conduct product quality inspections and work inspections. After passing the quality inspection, the CNC cutting machine should be carefully packaged before leaving the factory.

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Why is a multi-program quality check required before the machine leaves the factory?

1. The manufacturing and assembly of machines must go through multiple processes, and the work of multiple processes needs to be coordinated. There are quality control standards, but unevenness also occurs. A unified inspection will be carried out before leaving the factory, including the normal working test of the accessories and the correctness of the machine assembly. Guarantee machine hardware quality

2. Simulation work: In addition to the quality inspection of the hardware, the normal operation of the machine is also tested. Our staff will import any data and control the machine to perform simulated cutting work, but will not install the blade (because the felt will be damaged)

3. All machines have passed the normal working test, are packed normally and leave the factory.

AOL is responsible for every CNC cutting machine shipped from the factory. We can assure you that we provide a three-year warranty service and our machine has received 99% praise. If you also want to own an industry-leading CNC cutting machine, it will bring you higher efficiency, please contact us. We will also answer your questions for free! Welcome to consult!

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