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CNC cutting machine Details | AOL

When buying a cutting machine, in addition to choosing the quality of the cutting machine, the details of the machine can also reflect the quality of the brand. Today, I will show you the wiring details of the AOL CNC cutting machine

1.X/Y axis gear chain

The CNC cutting machine is composed of many parts, and the cable distribution is very scattered. We need to store the cables together to make the machine look neater. The cable part of the cutter module of the AOL CNC cutting machine is stored in this rack. In the chain, the cutting of the material will not be delayed. In the case of inspection and maintenance, disassembly and cleaning are also very convenient. From the outside, it looks clean.


2. Drive part

The drive cable is probably the most complicated area in the entire machine. There are many types of cables that can be connected to many places in the machine. We separate and bundle the cables of each drive and mark each cable. It is convenient for future inspection and maintenance.


3. Motherboard

The motherboard is the brain of the machine. The path cutting of the machine controlled by the CNC main board also controls the coordinated work of the entire machine. The circuit of the CNC motherboard should also be carefully classified and bundled. This is the starting point of all work, and we must protect it more carefully.

数控主板.jpgOn the cables on the side of the machine, we will separate the different wires. The pictures arranged in this way look very comfortable, and more importantly, if they are to be repaired in the future, it will undoubtedly provide great convenience.

Have you seen the cable layout effect of AOL CNC cutting machine? Does this satisfy you? If you are interested in learning about AOL CNC cutting machines, please contact us, we will provide you with free industry knowledge and professional industry material solutions.

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