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35 users from all over the world, congratulations on obtaining a cost-effective cutting machine!

    Ten days passed so fast, and this special offer ended perfectly. Congratulations to 35 users from different countries for getting this quota and getting the special offers. Before the epidemic, people all over the world are working hard. Now, I believe there will always be a victory day!

    At the same time, when you see this news if you want to buy a machine but missed the time of the promotion, don’t worry, after our continuous design and research and development this year, we will release a new machine in 2021, we have added a very useful The new functions (tool holder for adjusting the frequency, etc.), AOL after-sales service is also further improved, for your production and manufacturing to further improve the efficiency, so stay tuned!

AOL new product

    Our 2021 AOL new machine has added a lot of practical functions and services, and has also been greatly upgraded, so our price will fluctuate. If you are still considering CNC cutting machine but are hesitant because of the price, please contact us as soon as possible We, our current price is the most suitable price this year!

please contact us!

AOL discount ends

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