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AOL Focuses on Full Leather Cutting

Advantages of AOL Leather Cutter:

1. Improve efficiency

2. Reduce labor force

3. Optimize nesting

4. Flexibility

5. Fast return on investment

Custom furniture is growing in popularity, and AOL Leather Solutions speeds up time to market, resulting in shorter lead times and happier customers. In the leather cutting industry, optimizing material utilization is imperative. The AOL Leather Cut Collection uses proven algorithms to optimize your nesting in each hide, while identifying and avoiding blemishes. Quickly pick leather outlines and then classify blemishes according to your requirements. Nesting of leather is done in 30-60 seconds.

leather cutting machine

Leather cutting can reduce the upfront cost, and it does not require molds. It only needs to upload the file of the pattern to be cut to the computer to complete the cutting, which can increase the output by about 10%. Considering the cost of leather and composites, this adds up to a considerable saving in material.

No professional craftsman is required to use our machines. Ease of training and ease of use make transitioning to an automatic leather cutting machine a breeze. Many manufacturers wonder why they didn't switch to automatic leather cutting sooner.

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