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How to Cut Patches, Labels and Decals Using a CNC Cutter

Did you know you can use a CNC blade cutter to cut fabric materials, including patches, labels and appliques?

Yes, CNC blade cutters are versatile, which is why many textile companies have adopted them as their primary cutting tool.

more importantly? These CNC blade cutters are known for their versatility, but they are known as one of the most precise and accurate cutting tools available today.

This article explains the features of the AOL CNC Blade Cutter that make it an ideal cutting tool, while also highlighting patches, labels and decals!

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Meaning and Application of Patches, Labels and Decals


A patch is a fabric material used to cover holes or damaged areas in fabric to prevent further damage. Patches are also available for branding and decorative purposes.


A label is a part of a garment that displays various information about the fabric and directions for use. Labels carry basic information such as brand name, logo design, company information, fabric size, price tag and ingredients. It may also come with basic instructions, such as how to wash and care for the fabric. These labels are usually made of polyester material or other fabric materials.


An applique is a piece of needlework that is attached to a fabric material as a design. Appliques also come in different shapes or sizes, and they are either sewn onto the material or applied using a heat press method. Before applying the applique to any garment, first prepare the applique using a hand needle or industrial machine. Decals are recognized worldwide and used to decorate different fronts, mainly ranging from clothing to banners and display materials.

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General manual cutting method:

These materials for fabric making are specially prepared before being attached to the fabric. The preparation process involves several modifications such as cutting, here is the standard general cutting method used.

Scissors are a tool consisting of two blades used to cut material. Scissors can also be used to cut patches, labels and decals.

They are similar to manual scissors, but they are electric, which means they are faster and more efficient.

AOL CNC Blade Cutters for cutting patches, labels and decals have become one of the most popular cutting tools for mass production.

It is popular for many reasons, including its precision and accuracy and cutting speed.

The CNC blade cutter is a superior cutting tool when compared to the other cutting devices mentioned above, and the versatility of the tool further adds to its appeal.

Blade cutting is a cold cutting process that does not damage the material and requires no secondary processing!

No matter how the patches, labels, decals are made, they all have a certain graphic design and need to be cut into designed shapes along specific contours. the

Therefore, it is necessary to install a camera on the CNC cutting machine. With the assistance of CCD camera software, the CNC blade cutting machine can automatically cut the pattern.

Recommended machine size:

According to the width of the raw material, we suggest that the machine width is slightly larger. Most customers buy the AOL-1625 CNC cutting machine. If the material is very wide, you can choose the AOL-1825 cutting machine. One cutting equipment is equivalent to 2-3 times of manual cutting, and it can also work continuously for 24 hours without interruption!

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