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Saddle leather automatic CNC cutting machine

  Saddle leather is also a recycled leather. It is made of leather fibers and natural latex. And it is also an environmentally friendly material.

  It looks, feels and smells the same as real leather. Waterproof and antifouling, environmental protection and pollution-free, no chemical dyeing required. Its utilization rate is higher than that of dermis. And because of the special production process, the service life of the saddle leather itself is longer than that of ordinary cowhide.

  Saddle leather is widely used in bags, furniture, sofas, soft bags, decorative screens and other products. Oscillating knife cutters are rapidly entering the saddle leather product market.

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1. Leather products are generally cut into pieces first, and then sewn and assembled. Oscillating knife cutting machine is a very professional CNC leather cutting machine. Our cutting machines are CNC cutting machines. Numerical control technology is a method used to control mechanical movement and processing. The digitized information is CAD electronic graphics. CAD electronic graphics are imported into the machine through computer software. The control system of the machine analyzes the CAD electronic graphics and converts them into the cutting motion of the machine, and cuts out the corresponding parts.

2. Many saddle leather products need to be punched. In addition to the cutting head, the saddle leather cutting machine can also be equipped with a punching tool. The cutting head cannot cut smaller holes, such as 2mm round holes. The cutting is not beautiful and the speed is slow. The hole punch tool can punch holes quickly. There are different options for the diameter of the punch. The cutter head ranges from 1mm to more than ten millimeters. The cutting head and punch work together.

3. Most of the saddle leather materials are roll materials. A set of products often requires several meters or even tens of meters of material. The automatic feeding table is very useful. For example, a machine with a working width of 3 meters. If there is no automatic feeding system. After cutting 3 meters of material, it is necessary to manually pull the material forward and then cut it. The automatic feeding table can realize the continuous cutting of the coil material without manual pulling forward.

Advantages of saddle leather cutting machine

1. The saddle leather cutting machine is an automatic cutting machine. Reduce manual work, improve production efficiency, and save labor costs.

2. The cutting knife of the automatic leather cutting machine is a high-frequency vibrating knife. The blade vibrates up and down at high frequency. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting edge is beautiful, and there will be no problems such as eager smoking and yellow edges.

3. The CNC leather cutting machine adopts vacuum adsorption to fix materials. The vacuum pump starts and stops automatically with cutting. The method of fixing the material is simple and convenient. And will not damage the material.

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