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Leading classic fashion, exploring lean digital cutting—cutting machine for luggage industry

Recently, domestic luggage export orders ushered in a rebound growth. The ever-increasing market demand will make most luggage and handbag enterprises embark on the track of rapid development.

In such areas where luggage manufacturers are concentrated, there are also factories operating at full capacity, and orders are scheduled until April next year.

In the face of the outbreak of orders, as a luggage manufacturing industry, how can it stand out and occupy a market share that cannot be underestimated?

cnc cutting machine

Transform and upgrade, and use digitalization to enhance core competitiveness.

Relying on artificial and low-energy-efficiency manufacturing methods is no longer suitable for the current rapid development. It has limitations that prevent us from refining and harvesting more orders and higher productivity.

For example, for the production of new products, it is impossible to respond quickly in a short period of time; many processes need to be realized manually, which cannot meet the standardization requirements; for intelligent manufacturing with a low degree of intelligence, after one process is completed, it needs to be passed to the next process for manufacturing , cannot be done all at once.

If you want to gain better favor from the brand side, you must enter digital intelligent manufacturing.

Multi-layer diversified digital cutting. Output once, process multiple processes at once.

In the face of digital intelligent manufacturing, whether it is multi-layer PU, microfiber, or other flexible luggage materials, it can be output at one time and complete multiple processes at one time.

Facing the problems of low production capacity, long secondary processing, special-shaped molds, mold maintenance, and high storage costs in the luggage cutting process, we can easily solve them to achieve high-quality, high-yield manufacturing.

Whether it is small cutting, large cutting, hollowing, tooth position, multi-layer cutting, it can have everything. AOL CNC 1625 digital cutting machine, bag industry standard!

Luggage Industry Cutting Machine

Digital innovation technology empowers intelligent manufacturing.

Integrated process: one machine completes the cutting + punching process, reducing the process and improving production efficiency.

Smart cutting: no need to make a cutting mold, import drawing files (support drawing files of any shape), one-click open operation.

Double-head asynchronous system, double balance beam system: the output is more than 4 times that of traditional cutting (note: the specific output depends on the material).

Vacuum adsorption system: ensure that the material is firmly adsorbed on the cutting table during processing to ensure the cutting effect.

Multi-layer pinch feeding system: multi-layer pinch feeding to ensure the smoothness of the material.

At the same time, we are committed to providing one-stop intelligent cutting solutions for the industry, and also provide cutting solutions for the model room of the luggage and handbag industry, leather handbag nesting + cutting. In addition to leather bags, our cutting equipment can also cut advertising packaging, carpet industry, textile industry, composite material cutting, automotive interior and other material cutting! If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us E-mail or whatsapp: +86 18560162709!

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