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Vitality AOL

  On a refreshing autumn afternoon in November, AOL held a sports meeting for all staff, allowing employees to relax after intense work and make them more energetic in future work. At the same time, the company has also prepared generous prizes for the champions of the competition.


We have prepared many different mini-games, group games or individual games to enhance the emotional relationship between all staff and enhance the active atmosphere of the company.

AOL thanks all staff. It is the gathering of everyone that makes AOL the industry's leading cutting machine brand. In the future, let us work hard together!


AOL CNC cutting machine has 14 years of industry experience and is able to independently design and develop CNC cutting machines. AOL has provided more than 2,000 users with high-quality cutting technology and satisfactory after-sales service. Our products include CNC cutting machines (blade cutting machines), laser cutting machines, laser marking machines and many other types of cutting machines. If you want to buy one now, welcome to leave a message and consult, we can choose a CNC in stock for you The cutting machine will be shipped to you in the near future.

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