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Transportation of AOL CNC Cutting Machine

   As the setting sun sets, the day's work in the AOL factory is over. At the same time, the data cutting machine produced on this day is carefully covered with film. After careful packing, it will also be sent to the designated port for delivery. 

    Before packing and shipping, we It has undergone strict quality inspection and hundreds of machine work tests before installation to ensure that each machine we send has quality assurance. After the user has assembled, it can work after connecting to the power supply. 

    AOL will leave the factory for each machine. The machine is responsible for and promises a three-year warranty for after-sales service. After the outbreak of the new crown virus, we promise to regularly visit the customer's CNC cutting machine every year for maintenance, and provide free software system upgrades for life! If you need a CNC cutting machine and are satisfied with our after-sales service, please contact us!


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