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What Is The Best Industrial Fabric Cutting Machine?

Choosing the best industrial fabric cutting machine for your production will increase your production efficiency and meet your market needs, but as a buyer, there are multiple factors to consider to make the right choice and make a purchase, such as the type of fabric being cut , daily production volume, whether mold or nesting software is needed, the quality of cutting patterns, the degree of material saving, the consumables and power consumption of each machine, etc.

While a variety of industrial fabric cutting machines exist, we will only focus on those that stand out. As we all know, the most popular machines include: multi-layer CNC cutting machine, laser cutting machine, industrial die cutting machine

industrial fabric cutting machines

This detailed article will discuss the following factors to help you understand the main pros and cons of all devices. So it's worth reading on.

So, before going further, let us first understand the basics of these industrial fabric cutting machines.

What is a multi-layer CNC cutting machine?

First, let's introduce the CNC cutting machine, which uses the blade to follow the path programmed by the computer to create the cutting pattern. A CNC cutting machine generally consists of a flat work area (fixed table or conveyor belt) and a set of cutting heads above the table. The multi-layer CNC cutting machine can cut multi-layer materials. Vacuum adsorption can absorb multi-layer materials to ensure that the materials will not slip out during the cutting process. The whole process is fully automated without manual participation. The motor can realize intelligent cutting faster and more accurately.

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What is a laser cutter?

The laser cutting machine cuts the material in a non-contact way. It is a thermal cutting method and can be used for cutting a variety of materials. However, because it is a thermal cutting method, it will cause burnt and yellowish spots on the edge of the material. In some cases, manual secondary processing is required.

What is an Industrial Die Cutting Machine?

Die cutting refers to the process of mass producing cut shapes using machines. For this machine, you need a mold. Forging dies or steel strips form the metal strips used to make the dies, which are then placed over the fabric plies. Under the pressure of the punch, the sharp end will cut the fabric.

With a die cutter, you can create the same shapes over and over again, all with nearly exact dimensions. This is common when cutting fabric, as it makes the cut shape look as consistent and professional as possible.

Many factories have a very large amount of cutting every day. Choosing our AOL multi-layer fabric CNC cutting machine can not only meet your needs for mass production, but also save you 2-3 labor and more than 10% of raw materials.

Cutting Equipment Comparison

Advantages of multi-layer fabric cutting machine:

1. Infrared sensor system, 360° surrounding safety, to ensure the safety of the operator.

2. Perfect camera positioning system, support ● or ten marks, etc., to improve work efficiency.

3. The solid aluminum honeycomb platform has good suction effect, ensures the platform is flat, and does not deform after long-term use.

4. Flexible tool system, compatible with various types of tools.

5. Efficient anti-dry roll feeding system, complete feeding and cutting within 5 seconds; enable the machine to realize automatic continuous cutting.

6. Powerful CAD editing and design software, perfectly matched with multiple software; and supports barcode reading, avoiding the operator from sending wrong cutting files and improving work efficiency.

7. The parameter setting system can adjust the best cutting parameters according to different materials to ensure the accuracy of each cutting.

8. The overall frame structure is designed by senior engineers in the industry, which is simple, stable, and easy to install and carry.

9. Precise knife setting system, easy to operate, can accurately control the depth of the knife and prolong the use time of the mat.

10. Scientific and concise wiring system and chassis circuit design, stable and safe; equipped with all tool interfaces to support subsequent upgrades; easy to install and maintain.

Product advantages

The above content is what this article will explain to you. If you still have questions or want to know more, please contact us, and we will answer you in detail as soon as possible!

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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