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How fast is the CNC leather cutting machine suitable?

  In addition to optimizing the utilization rate of leather materials, the improvement of the economic benefits of enterprises can also improve the cutting speed for enterprises to shorten the delivery time and achieve faster delivery. So is the faster the CNC leather cutting machine cuts the better? How fast is appropriate?

CNC leather cutting machine

First of all, let me tell you about the effect of cutting too fast:

Accelerate the aging of parts and shorten the service life of the machine

  The cutting principle of the vibrating knife leather cutting machine is to use the high-frequency vibration of the blade tens of thousands of times per minute to cut. If the cutting speed is too fast, the cutter head and the connected beam will be under load. The wear and tear will seriously shorten the service life of the machine. The replacement of the cutter head is not expensive, but the loss of the beam of the cutting machine is irreversible and the replacement cost is as high as hundreds of thousands.

The waste of leather

  If the cutting speed is too fast, and the time the cutter head stays on the leather is too short, it may be cut continuously or one side is cut off, but the other side is not cut off. In addition, the cut pieces have a large error and cannot be sewn later. It will also cause waste of leather.

Reduce production efficiency

  The fastest cutting speed does not guarantee the maximum production efficiency. The efficiency of each production link of laying, scanning, typesetting, cutting and receiving should also be considered. If each link cannot be connected, the faster the cutting speed, the higher the error rate. Especially in the online production mode, our production efficiency can be maximized only when the connection and balance between the various links are at the highest level, which is far more important than simply increasing the cutting speed.

How to judge whether the cutting speed is suitable:

1. When a leather cutting machine is debugged by professionals, the cutting surface of the cutting piece is smooth and flat, and it can be directly sewn in the back section. The cutting speed at this time is ideal.

2. If the online typesetting mode is used, whether the connection between scanning, typesetting, cutting, and receiving materials is efficient will have a greater impact on production efficiency. If you blindly pursue faster cutting speed, other production links will not follow suit. On the other hand, the machine cannot run at full load, which is also a kind of unnecessary work-hour consumption to a certain extent.

  Therefore, when choosing a CNC leather cutting machine, you should not just look at the cutting speed, but to ensure the cutting accuracy and cutting efficiency, and the one with the leading comprehensive cutting effect is the most suitable for you! If you are interested in our cutting equipment or want to know more about the price, please click here to contact us, our professional staff will answer you in detail in the first time!

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