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Take you to learn more about the film structure cutting machine

At present, more and more industries use plastic film. For example: electronic optical film, composite bag, superconducting film, mobile phone explosion-proof film, polarizer, plastic film, etc. Plastic films are widely used in electronic devices, mechanical equipment, packaging and printing and other fields. Let's talk about the relevant content of the plastic film slitting machine today!

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Laser cutting plastic film has appeared on the market, and it can cut double-layer plastic film very well. However, due to the high power of laser cutting, the edges of the plastic film are easily turned yellow, black, and burnt due to high temperature. The above situation will obviously damage the actual effect of the film design, and will naturally damage the actual effect of the film. With the development of Industry 4.0, film cutting methods that can be realized using blades have been developed at this stage. It eliminates the defects existing in the film cutting process in the past, and further improves the cutting accuracy and efficiency.

The AOL technical team has developed a special equipment for cutting membrane structure materials. The equipment uses intelligent software to compensate and optimize the cutting path, which improves production energy efficiency and saves a lot of raw materials; and uses high-quality linear guides to ensure that the accuracy error is within ±0.1mm.

Features of AOL Film Material Cutting Machine:

1. Has 6 vacuum adsorption areas

High-strength aluminum honeycomb vacuum table, 6-zone independent vacuum system, good flatness, no deformation. The conveyor belt is made of durable 4mm thick felt, which has good air permeability, wear resistance and long service life. The equipment is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump, which can provide sufficient pressure during material processing

2. High precision frame

There are two kinds of welding and splicing of the frame, the frame is heavy industrial grade machinery, strong and precise. In order to avoid welding deformation, the welded frame process includes the steps of pre-weld treatment, welding process and post-weld heat treatment, under the quality control of the assembly welding sequence

3. Imported linear guide rail

Linear guides provide linear motion by circulating rolling elements between the profiled rail and the housing. The coefficient of friction of the linear guide is only 1/50 of that of the conventional slide rail, and it can withstand loads in all directions. With these features, the linear guide can achieve high precision and greatly improve the movement accuracy

4. Conveyor feeding system

Conveyor systems consist of a belt spanning two or more pulleys. The cutting mat itself is the belt, forming a closed loop around the pulley, so it can rotate continuously, allowing the user continuous automatic feeding means the cutting length is theoretically infinite

Product features and advantagesFinally our machine also has infrared induction safety device to ensure the safety of the operator when the machine is moving at high speed and at the same time avoid the loss of cutting materials. Considering the customer's actual use environment, the anti-interference operation screen is specially configured, and the work is not affected by the surrounding electronic environment.

The introduction of the film material cutting machine is here first. I believe you have a certain understanding of our cutting equipment. If you have other content you want to know, please browse our website  or consult us. We will reply within 24 hours. Give you detailed answers and recommend related models!

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