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How to Make Custom Gaskets Using a CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter

  How to make sealing gasket with CNC cutting machine? Today we are going to show you how to make a gasket using an oscillating knife cutter.

  If you have just received an AOL CNC gasket cutting machine, you have completed the basic installation work, completed the platform detection work on the machine, and completed the software installation and data reading work on the computer. Do you want to know how to install a CNC knife cutting machine? Friends, don't worry, we will explain in detail in the next article - the installation method of CNC numerical control cutting machine, let's take a look at how to use the vibrating knife cutting machine to make gaskets.

CNC gasket cutting machine

  First, we select the sealing material to be cut and place it on the working platform of the machine. In order to ensure that the material is firmly fixed on the working platform, we need to activate the partition adsorption function, enhance the vacuum adsorption capacity, and carry out targeted adsorption for the area where the material is located.

cutting table

  The second step is to draw the graphics to be processed in the software. Of course, we can also find the graphics that need to be cut in the professional gasket nesting software, without making a separate mold. Just input the data to get the processing graphics. Then, we only need to enter the size and cutting quantity of the material to be processed in the software, and the software will automatically nest according to these data. In just 1 minute, we can get the best nesting scheme. Save nesting time, improve material utilization, and realize intelligent processing.

  After we have arranged all the data and materials, you must be thinking that the next step should be cutting, right? What I want to tell you here is "no" before cutting, we also need to choose the appropriate blade and tool for the processed material and graphics. After everything is arranged, the cutting is carried out.

  If the diameter of the small circle we cut is less than 10mm, we recommend using a professional small circle cutter, because its blade adopts a vertical design and the tip of the knife is designed with an obtuse angle. When cutting high-hardness materials, the tip of the knife is not easy to damage. When cutting small circles, there is no corner overcut, which can achieve the best cutting effect. It is especially suitable for cutting high-density asbestos boards and rubber boards.

small round cutter

  After we install the selected cutter and blade on the machine, we need to complete a very important setting, which is to set the depth of cut and cutter width compensation. The setting of this step needs to be completed on the control panel of the machine. Only by setting correct tool depth and tool compensation data can good cutting effect be obtained. If you are interested, you canbookmark our website. We will continue to update our expertise on oscillating knife cutting machines.

  When all the above operations are completed, you can enter the manufacture of cutting gaskets.

  There are still many people who have doubts about the cutting speed, how to set the processing speed? Read on!

  We can set the linear speed, curve speed, small circle speed and falling speed of the vibrating knife cutting on the speed interface of the operation panel. There is a rule of thumb when we set these speeds - the harder the material, the lower the speed.

panel settings

  When everything is done, we can click "Start" and the machine will start cutting automatically. Next, let's learn more about it through the video below.

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