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How does AOL conduct after-sales service

1:After you pay the deposit for the order

I will build a chat group as you paid deposit remotely. And our after-service engineer will solve the problems for you.

I would ask our factory about the production status of your machine every day , and report to you

every three days by video and photos 

We have 3 times Strict quality in sections, when the machine is finished, I will send the whole process videos to you by email and WhatsApp.

2: After you received the machine

I will send you our instructions manual,our teaching videos to show you how to operate, our software is very easy toopera, so as usual the video is enough for you. If you or your employee could not learn how to use by teaching video, our engineer will teach your employee online, until you could use it without problems.


If you have any question sand problems,JUST CALL US, and we will solve it.Every week I 

will ask you about how's your business going and is the reany problem about our machine. To make

sure you get the profit with using our machine. And if the reany problems, I will tell to our R&D

team, improving and up grading our software for you for free.

-Time node 4: When you want to repurchase our second machine.

We will give you our certain preferential prices for all of our machines. We also produce the laser engraving & cutting machines.


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