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2021 New product upgrade | AOL

      I am very happy to tell readers that after 2020 user feedback and multiple data testing, we have upgraded the existing automatic CNC cutting machine (blade cutting machine machine) to increase the practicality of the machine and the user experience.

New produce update

1. The software is updated, the operation is easier, and the graphic editing is optimized and upgraded.

2. Each machine adds a test function to quickly check the machine performance before cutting the material

3. The tool replacement function has been developed to simplify the operation and realize the rapid replacement of the cutting state of different materials.

4. Change the gear rack to Swedish Linden, and the cooperative brand of the gear rack to Swedish Linden.

5. Machine structure: Increase the X-axis working size of the belt conveyor to ensure a more stable power supply.

6 After receiving the goods, the buyer promises to return the service without reason for seven days.

7. The cooperative brand of air switch is replaced by Schneider

8. The pneumatic components are replaced with AirTAC cooperative brands.

9. The drag chain of the cable is replaced with a cooperative brand of IGUS.

The cutting accuracy and speed of the CNC cutting machine are extremely important. The cutting accuracy determines the quality of the order, and the cutting speed affects the production efficiency. The cutting accuracy error of the AOL CNC cutting machine is maintained at ±0.1mm, and the cutting speed can be as fast as 1000mm/s. We have been making efforts for users to improve their efficiency.

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