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How is PVC material cut with CNC cutting machine?

The PVC cutting machine uses a specially designed blade that moves back and forth to cut PVC materials accurately and easily. The blade is controlled by a powerful motor and can cut at different speeds and depths depending on the material being cut.

Cutting PVC materials using a CNC digital knife cutter also produces clean, sharp edges without burrs or rough spots. This is especially important if you're working with PVC materials that need to be welded or glued together, as rough edges can make it difficult for the materials to join properly. Although it is designed specifically for cutting PVC materials, it can also be used to cut a variety of other materials such as foam, leather, fabric, and more. This makes it a valuable tool for many different industries and projects.

In short, the CNC digital knife cutting machine is the ultimate tool for cutting PVC materials. Its precision, speed, accuracy and versatility make it ideal for projects large and small. If you work with PVC materials, a CNC digital tool should be at the top of your list of must-have tools.

PVC material cut with CNC cutting machine

What tools are needed when cutting PVC materials?

Complete your projects quickly and accurately with oscillating knives and drag knives - ideal for transforming delicate, soft materials into sturdy cardboard. Whatever the need, the ultimate in precision cutting technology, these amazing tools will help you exceed the highest standards!

What is a vibrating knife?

An oscillating knife is a blade designed to move forward and back quickly to cut materials. They are ideal for cutting soft and hard materials such as foam, plastic and metal. Oscillating knives cut materials by using high-frequency, small-amplitude vibrations. Oscillating knives are a great choice for cutting PVC because they allow for high-precision cuts.

vibrating knife

What is a drag knife?

Drag knives, on the other hand, are blades that pull through the material, and they rely on a combination of angle and blade depth to cut. They are ideal for cutting material in a single pass, and their depth can be adjusted to change the angle of the blade. Drag knives use drag force to cut materials, which makes them an excellent choice for PVC materials that require a lot of force to cut.

drag knife

The difference between vibrating knives and dragging knives

The main difference between these two types of knives is the way they cut the material. Vibrating knives use high-frequency vibration to cut materials, while drag knives use drag force to cut materials. Additionally, oscillating knives are more precise and require more force to cut, while drag knives are less precise and can cut thicker materials with less force. It is important to note that when cutting PVC, drag knives tend to have better cutting speeds and are therefore better suited for batch cutting.

Which one is suitable for PVC?

Both types of knives work well when cutting PVC. However, consideration must be given to the thickness of the PVC material being cut and the level of accuracy required. Both oscillating knives and drag knives are effective at cutting PVC materials, but the choice mainly depends on your cutting needs. If you need high-precision cutting, an oscillating knife is the best choice. If you need to cut multiple pieces of PVC material, use a drag knife.

All in all, both the oscillating knife and the drag knife are great tools for cutting PVC materials. They are designed to make the cutting process easier, and they all have their own unique benefits. Understanding the differences between the two can help you choose the right tool for your PVC cutting needs. Overall, choosing between an oscillating knife and a drag knife depends on the thickness of the material, the level of precision required, and the amount of cutting that needs to be done. Please consult us for details and we will recommend suitable cutting tools and equipment for you!

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