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AOL-1608 Double Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine
The double cantilever CNC cutting machine is a new type of processing equipment that is widely used in the cutting process of flexible materials. It uses the upper and lower high-frequency vibration of the blade for cutting. This method provides advantages for many large-scale cutting merchants of multi-layer flexible materials!
Detailed introduction

  The dual-cantilever CNC cutting machine adopts a 9-axis precision control system, all of which are driven by Panasonic servo drives.

  Adopt Y-axis 2×X-axis 4, a total of 8 divisions, the adsorption mode is divided into automatic adsorption and follow-up adsorption, suitable for any type of material. It holds material efficiently and ensures cutting quality, while featuring an energy-efficient design.

Double Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine

  The size of the whole machine is (L) 3200mm*(W) 3000*(H) 2400, the size of the working area is 1600mm*800mm (double-head simultaneous processing), and it can cut multi-layer materials (thickness after adsorption: 0.1mm-18mm), cutting speed 0-300 mm per second.

Working principle of double cantilever CNC cutting machine:

  Adopt suspended double-head asynchronous cutting method, high-precision screw drive technology, intelligent automatic typesetting, screw drive feeding system, intelligent paging, higher efficiency, higher precision, less floor space, especially suitable for multi-layer flexible materials High-precision intelligent energy cutting of large quantities.

  Integrated feeding system, non-measuring pulling method, independent U-axis servo motor and high-precision screw drive, adopting double support and measuring method, clamping and feeding to ensure the smoothness of the material. There is no slippage and no offset during the process. The software can automatically calculate the feeding length according to the typesetting, and the previous version and the next version can be seamlessly combined, which is more conducive to saving materials.

Advantages of Double Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine

  Diversified configuration options such as cutting and punching are adopted, and vibrating knife (single layer) and pneumatic knife (multi-layer) can be selected for cutting. Optional double punching, four punching, punching with dust collection device, can collect punching waste, the maximum blessing aperture is 6 mm. Optional markers are also available. The equipment is equipped with safety light curtain protection, with high safety level to ensure the safety of operators.

  You can watch the video below to learn more about our double cantilever CNC cutting machine:

  The dual-cantilever CNC cutting machine is equipped with dual projectors, the typesetting effect is previewed in real time, the projection cutting area and the receiving area can be set, and the cutting completion of the pieces can be distinguished by the projection color. The dual projection has the advantages of higher definition and easier positioning. condition. Mainly used in footwear/clothing accessories industry: TPU/PU, gaskets, leather, rubber, Hong Kong treasure, mesh, digital printing materials, midsole, gloves/hats and other flexible materials cutting and punching

Applicable industries of double cantilever CNC cutting machine

  AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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