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Advertising Sign KT Board Sticker Digital Cutting Plotter
AOL Advertising Sign KT Board Sticker Digital Cutting Plotter is the only cutting machine with two different cutting heads currently on the market. Fully automated, it is based on cardboard and digital printing industry requirements which need full time, non-stop production. The result of China manufacturing experience and AOL’s technological innovation, AOL-cutter is the right choice for Advertising Banner and POS Displays, Boxes and Packaging, without using dies. This flexible operating system accelerates production times and reduces costs whilst offering maximum versatility for both short and complex production runs. With maximum flexibility 24/7 and high performance, AOL-cutter guarantees complete automation of the production process, reducing operator and materials costs and provides non-stop workflow.
Detailed introduction

Cutting materials display

    Model      AOL-1070PAS
    Working area      1000*700mm
    Multi-function head

     The combination of Multi-function cutting head and holders, be with full cut, kisscut, creasing wheel,v-c ut and laser red light positioning functions, CCD positioning, Camera extract large contour to cut

    Tools      Universal Drawing Tool, Creasing Wheel Tool
    Overall size      3870*1230*1280mm  L'W'H
    Moving speed      0-1000mm/s
    Repeat precIsion      ±0.1mm
    Interface      Network port
    Control panel      Chinese and English LCD touch screen 
    Drive system      Imported servo motor, linear guid, synchronous belt, screw
    Cutting material

     Carton, cardboard, paper, labels, adhesive stickers, packaging, thin plastic sheet and so on

    Instruction system      HP- GL Compatible format
    Rated power      2. 2KW
    Rated voltage     220V±10%/50HZ
    Cutting thickness     ≤10mm(According to different material)
    Material fixed way     Vacuum adsorption
    File form


Buyer's Reviews
The AOL and our equepment complement each other perfectly. They have opened new doors for our business and we are targeting new opportunities with great success. The combination has opened up the sign-making industry for us, adding to our turnover. This is a huge success and we project it will increase our turnover in the future.
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