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CNC Gasket Cutting Machine
AOL Cutters are the system solution for the professional manufacture of gaskets. The cnc gasket cutting machine possesses a robust cutting table with integrated vacuum system. Due to adjustable matrix-vacuum zones, the material is securely fixed during processing without the aid of mechanical clamps.

Our Software offers a neat and quick solution for cutting grooves in rubber materials. In contrast to milling v-grooves, there is no swarf and the process speed is increased many times over.
Detailed introduction

  Gasket is a kind of sealing spare parts used in machinery, equipment and pipelines as long as there is fluid. It uses internal and external materials to play a sealing role.

  It is made of metal or non-metal plate material by cutting, punching or cutting and other processes. It is used for sealing connection between pipes and sealing connection between parts of machinery and equipment.


 A CNC Gasket Cutting Machine is a computer-controlled cutting device that employs specialized software and precision machinery to fabricate gaskets of various shapes and sizes. Unlike conventional methods, where gaskets are hand-cut using templates, CNC machines follow digital designs with unparalleled accuracy. These machines operate on a subtractive manufacturing principle, where a gasket material is trimmed to the required shape by removing excess material.

Related parameters of CNC gasket cutting machine:

    Model AOL-1625DCS AOL-1825DCS
    Working area 2500×1600mm 2500×1800mm
    Machine size (mm) 3600*2400*1250 3600*2600*1250
    Rated power 11KW
    Fixed mode Vacuum adsorption, automatic feeding type table
    Multifunctional head Pneumatic knife, Milling tool, projector,vibrating knife
    Tool configuration Multiple cutting knives
    Safety device Using infrared sensors,  responsive, safe and reliable
Anti-collision system
Four corner emergency stop button
    translational velocity 800-2000mm/s
    Cutting speed 0-1800mm/s(according to different cutting materials)
    Cutting thickness ≤50mm(according to different cutting materials)
    Cutting materials Asbestos, graphite, rubber, silica gel, PTFE, expanded PTFE, pvc, cork, etc.
    Repeated accuracy ±0.1mm
    Capacity 2GB
    Transmission system Precision grinding rack drive
    Instruction system AI、PLT、DXF、PDF、 PCE、XML
   Other configuration Panasonic servo motor, high-precision helical gear reducer, Taiwan Yintai guide rail, German Henry Ann rack, Omron sensor, Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances, Taiwan Mean Well power supply, German cable, 42mm adsorption platform, automatic feeding, Taiwan guide rail, energy-saving fan,

Type of gasket       Thickness AOL digital cutter efficiency     Manual cutting efficiency     Instead of manual quantity
Graphite gasket      1.5mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2 pepole
     2mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2-3 people
     5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     4 people
Ordinary gasket      3mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2-3 people
     5mm      200mm/s     50mm/s     2-3 people
Rubber gasket      3mm      200mm/s     50mm/s     3 people
     5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     3 pepole
     10mm      50mm/s     ≤10mm/s     4 pepole
PTFE gasket      3mm      150mm/s     10-50mm/s     3-4 pepole
     5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     3-4 pepole
    The above data is for reference only, the actual operation, affected by the thickness, hardness, flexibility, etc. of the material, the data will be biased.

  The automatic sealing gasket cutting machine does not need to be punched. It only needs to import the data into the system to identify and cut the material. The automation of this step directly saves a lot of time and cost.

  The super nesting software is supplemented to complete the typesetting intelligently and accurately, without manual nesting. After a lot of tests, using the automatic cutting machine saves more than 10% of materials than manual labor. You can use this data to calculate how much you can save in a year.

  The cutting is more accurate. The sealing gasket has high requirements in this regard. If there is an error, it will not match, which affects many aspects. In the process of cutting, the manual punch has a higher probability of deviation, and the machine passes through the software system. , which can minimize the error.

  The machine is intelligent and automated, the operation is very simple, the number of workers required is small, and it can work continuously for 24 hours, getting rid of the problems of high labor cost and difficult recruitment.

Applications of CNC gasket cutting:

Automobile industry:

  CNC gasket cutting is widely used in the automotive industry to produce precision gaskets for engines, transmissions, and various other components. The ability to efficiently manufacture custom gaskets is critical to vehicle performance and reliability.

Electronics and Technology:

  In the electronics industry, where miniaturization and precise sealing are critical, CNC gasket cutting is critical for manufacturing gaskets that protect delicate electronic components from environmental factors.

Aerospace field:

  Critical applications in the aerospace industry require high performance gaskets. CNC gasket cutting ensures gaskets meet strict specifications, contributing to the safety and reliability of aerospace systems.

Industrial equipment:

  CNC gasket cutting is widely used in the production of industrial machinery gaskets, ensuring optimal sealing and performance in challenging environments.

Company Info:

  AOL is a famous CNC equipment factory. AOL mainly produce CNC Knife Cutting Machine, Cutting Plotter, CNC Cutting Table and so on. We, as a high-tech enterprise, engaged in research, manufacture and sell the CNC cutting machine and relevant products.

  Widely used in advertising packaging, composite materials, carpet industry, clothing textiles, automotive interiors, and leather industries. In addition, AOL also has an independent CNC cutting machine brand AOYOO.

  AOL has gained CE certificate, FDA and ISO certificate. Company successfully produce AOL series products of more than 50 sorts, which enjoy good reputation and support.  Excellent quality and fast service makes our products spread all over the world as Europe, America, Middle  east and South of Asia.

  AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry in China and an AAA-level credit enterprise. The product quality has undergone multiple tests and the after-sales system is complete. It has provided reliable CNC cutting machines for more than 8,000 users worldwide. Provide professional industry cutting assembly line solutions for many users.

About the company

AOL online services

1) Three-year free warranty (except wearing parts), free inspection and maintenance of major components.

2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service

3) Wearable parts (e.g. blades, bench covers) are always available at cost when needed.

4) Free operation training in our factory. If there is not enough time, we will send a detailed training video.

5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages.

6) On-site technical support can be provided when needed.

AOL team

Cutting machine packaging

1. Outer packaging: standard sea export plywood box.

2. Inner packaging: stretchable film and plastic film to prevent moisture.

If you have special requirements, we can negotiate amicably; if there is anything else you want to know, please contact us.

About warranty policy

Our standard warranty period begins upon completion of delivery. We provide you with a three-year warranty and provide professional machine repair and maintenance

Update and maintenance of machine parts are sold to customers at the lowest price.

Packaging process

  The CNC Gasket Cutting Machine has significantly transformed the gasket manufacturing process, making it more efficient, precise, and cost-effective. Its ability to deliver consistent results and accommodate a wide range of materials and designs has made it an invaluable tool in various industries. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more sophisticated CNC machines, further enhancing gasket manufacturing capabilities and contributing to advancements in critical fields.

If you want to know more about performance issues, please leave a message , we will have a professional staff contact you.

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Machine Display
Control System
Independent research and development of human-machine interface operating system, humanized design, intelligent recognition of knife cutting, fast capture of cutting targets.
Accurate and Stable Working Table
The cutting table is build with aviation aluminum with honeycomb structure inside; sturdy, high-precision, stable for long-term running.
Imported Servo Motor
The machine with more stable performance and higher precision.
Modutarized Cutting Tools
The modularized design ensures the cutting tools can be used on all the AOL product series.
The Thickness
The thickness of machine some steel plate parts is 12-20mm, it ensures the machine will be non-deformation permanently.
Projection Positioning System
The user can also place the irregular material into the projection area for the alignment cutting, which greatly improves the utilization of the material.
Diverse Tools
Oscillating Knife Tool
The Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density.Coordinated with various kinds of blades, applied for cutting different materials.

Cutting materials: kt board , foam board, honeycomb board, car mat, seat cover, corrugated, cardboard, kt board, gray board, composite materials, leather, corrugated box.
Creasing Wheel Tool
A selection of creasing tools allows for perfect creasing on the corrugated materials. Coordinated with the cutting software,the tool can cut the corrugated material along its structure or the reverse direction to have a finest creasing result,without any damage to the corrugated material's surface.

Cutting materials: Packing box, folding card, corrugated Board, carton,etc.
V-CUT Knife Tool
Specialized for V-cut processing on corrugated materials,AOL v-Cut Tool can cut 0°,15°,22.5°,30°and 45°.

Cutting material: soft board , kt board , corrugated board, packing box, slotting of corrugated boxes, medium-density material v cuts, carton packaging, hard cardboard, gift boxes,etc.
Kiss-CUT Knife Tool
The kiss cut tool is mainly used for cutting vinyl materials (labels).aol cut makes it possible that the tool cuts through the top part of the material without any damage to the bottom part.It allows high cutting speed for material processing.

Cutting materials: sticker, car sticker, reflective materials, self-adhesive vinyl, label, vinyl, engineering reflective film, double-layer adhesives, etc.
Pneumatic Knife Tool
Driven by compressed air,Pneumatic Knife Tool with 6mm stroke, is especially for cutting hard and compact materials. Equipped with different kinds of blades,it can make different process effect.The tool can cut the material up to 110mm by using specialized blades.

Cutting materials: asbestos board, asbestos free board, PTFE, rubber board , fluorine rubber board, silica gel board, graphite board, graphite composite board, etc.
Milling Knife Tool
With imported spindle,it has a rotating speed of 60000 rpm.The router driven by high frequency motor can be applied for cutting hard materials with the maximum thickness of 22 mm.The customized cleaning device cleans up the production dust and debris.The air cooling system extends blade life.

Cutting materials: acrylic MDF board, pvc board, display stand, etc.
Drag Knife Tool
AOL drag knife tool can perfectly cut materials with the thickness up to 5mm. Compared to other cutting tools,it is the most cost-effective one that allows for the fastest cutting speed and lowest maintenance cost.

Cutting materials: backlit film, sticker, pp paper , folding card, flexible material less than 3mm thickness, advertising materials KT board, flexible plastics, mobile phone film, etc.
Driven Rotary Knife Tool
Driven Rotary Tool puts the materials by the high-speed rotating blades driven by the servo motor.The tool can be installed with circular blades and decagonal blades .etc which are especially suitable for cutting woven materials.

Cutting materials: textiles, canvas, leather, fabric, carbon fabric, glass fabric, carpet, blanket, fur, woven fabric, composite double, multi-layer material, flexible plastic, etc.
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