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CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine
AOL CNC cardboard cutting machine is mainly focused on the cutting of materials in the advertising industry. The customizable platform provides unlimited creative expansion, replacing traditional cutting with smart blade cutting. Provide competitiveness for small batch advanced customization and sample cutting. CNC cardboard cutting machines are the driving force behind exploiting the full potential of cardboard, transforming it into intricate designs, custom packaging, displays and numerous other applications.
Detailed introduction

Scope of application of CNC cardboard cutting machine:  

  CNC cardboard cutting machine is mainly for production of carton, cardboard, paper, labels, adhesive stickers, packaging, thin plastic sheet and so on. 

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Related parameters of CNC cardboard cutting machine:


    Working area      2500×1600mm
    Machine size (mm)      3600x2400x1200mm
    Rated power      11KW
    Fixed mode      Auto feeding type table
    Multi-function tool      Vibrating knife full cut, semi-cutting cut, indentation, drawing mark, cursor positioning, camera positioning edge cutting, high power active round knife
    Tool configuration      Multiple cutting knives
    Safety device      Four corners emergency stop, anti-collision safety device using infrared induction, safe and reliable
    translational velocity      800-2000mm/s
    Cutting speed      0-1400mm/s(according to different cutting materials)
    Cutting thickness      ≤50mm(according to different cutting materials)
    Cutting materials      Corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, kraft paper and other packaging boxes, stickers, labels, PP paper, flags, inkjet cloth, light boxes, KT boards, etc.
    Repeated accuracy      ±0.1mm
    Capacity      2GB
    Transmission system     The X\Y axis is divided into two kinds of rack or belt
    Support file format     AI、PLT、DXF、PDF、 PCE、XML
    Voltage     380V±10%/220V±10% Optional  
    Other configuration

    Panasonic servo motor, high precision helical gear reducer, Taiwan Yintai rail, Germany Henryan rack, Omron sensor, Schneider low-voltage appliances, Taiwan Mingwei power supply, Germany cable, 42mm adsorption platform, automatic feeding, Taiwan rail, energy saving fan

CNC cardboard cutting machine workflow:

  CNC cardboard cutting machine is composed of cutting bed, felt, adsorption device, control system, cutter bar and cutter head. When cutting the material, put the material on the cutting machine, the adsorption device starts to work, the material is fixed, and the material is fixed, and the internal data is processed and transmitted to the machine control card, and the control card sends the command pulse signal to the servo drive. The drive drives the servo motor to move. , to achieve the movement of the machine, and at the same time send a signal to the cutting tool to cut the raw material.

  CNC cardboard cutting machines are a specialized subset of CNC machinery designed to precisely cut and shape cardboard sheets based on digital design specifications. These machines are equipped with cutting tools, such as knives or lasers, controlled by computer programs that translate design files into precise movements and cuts. The result is a highly accurate and efficient process for creating custom cardboard packaging and products.

  Automatic CNC cardboard cutting machine with oscillating tangential knife is an industrial CNC cardboard box maker for the packaging industry with varied knife tools and blades to cut paperboard, hardboard, carton box, corrugated box, corrugated cardboard box, corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, mat board, and chipboard. 

CNC cardboard cutting machine

Advantages of CNC cardboard cutting machine:

- auto sheet loading and receiving 

- CCD camera registration system for precise cutting

- Intelligentize control and easy to operate

- Exact cutting size and high cutting speed

Multi-functional tool holder design, cutting, beveling, kiss cutting, punching, scribing, one machine completes multiple processes.

It can complete pattern cutting that is difficult, complex in style, and difficult to achieve with a die-cutting machine.

Precise computer simulation and programmed operation avoid hidden waste and reduce the material cost of the enterprise

Advantages of CNC cardboard cutting machine.jpgAOL after-sales service:

1. The AOL after-sales service team has more than 20 engineers.

2. At least 3 engineers serving an agent/customer, all of them can speak English.

3. We support complete user manual, use video and photos.

4. We support remote assistance to help you install and use the software.

5. We support 24*7 online guidance and services.

6. Our machine is guaranteed for three years, during this period, if there is any problem, we will repair it for free.

7. We promise to send out replacement parts within 24 hours.

8. We will set up a service group for you, including AOL sales staff, AOL engineers, AOL sales managers, AOL sales directors and you (or your staff), if you have any questions, we will reply within 1 minute.

9. Free upgrade of AOL software for life.

Packaging of cutting machine

1. Outer packing: standard seaborne export plywood box.

2. Inner packing: Stretchable film and plastic film to protect from moisture.

If you have special requirements, we can negotiate friendly; if you want to know more, please contact us.

About Warranty Policy

Our standard warranty period starts when delivery is completed. We provide you with a three-year warranty service and provide professional machine maintenance

The renewal and maintenance of machine parts are sold to customers at the lowest price.

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Company Profile:

  AOL is an industry-leading brand with 14 years of industry experience. We have provided services to more than 8,000 customers around the world and received satisfactory evaluations. We have many long-term stable cooperation customers. We provide personalized industrial material cutting solutions for many customers. If you encounter problems in industrial material cutting, we can provide you with free consulting and consulting services!  

If you want to know more about performance issues, please leave a message , we will have a professional staff contact you.

Machine Display
Control System
Independent research and development of human-machine interface operating system, humanized design, intelligent recognition of knife cutting, fast capture of cutting targets.
Accurate and Stable Working Table
The cutting table is build with aviation aluminum with honeycomb structure inside; sturdy, high-precision, stable for long-term running.
Imported Servo Motor
The machine with more stable performance and higher precision.
Imported Guide Belt
The imported conveyor ensures the conveying material is smoother, with better ventilation and not deformed.
Modutarized Cutting Tools
The modularized design ensures the cutting tools can be used on all the AOL product series.
The Thickness
The thickness of machine some steel plate parts is 12-20mm, it ensures the machine will be non-deformation permanently.
Diverse Tools
Oscillating Knife Tool
The Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density.Coordinated with various kinds of blades, applied for cutting different materials.

Cutting materials: kt board , foam board, honeycomb board, car mat, seat cover, corrugated, cardboard, kt board, gray board, composite materials, leather, corrugated box.
Creasing Wheel Tool
A selection of creasing tools allows for perfect creasing on the corrugated materials. Coordinated with the cutting software,the tool can cut the corrugated material along its structure or the reverse direction to have a finest creasing result,without any damage to the corrugated material's surface.

Cutting materials: Packing box, folding card, corrugated Board, carton,etc.
V-CUT Knife Tool
Specialized for V-cut processing on corrugated materials,AOL v-Cut Tool can cut 0°,15°,22.5°,30°and 45°.

Cutting material: soft board , kt board , corrugated board, packing box, slotting of corrugated boxes, medium-density material v cuts, carton packaging, hard cardboard, gift boxes,etc.
Kiss-CUT Knife Tool
The kiss cut tool is mainly used for cutting vinyl materials (labels).aol cut makes it possible that the tool cuts through the top part of the material without any damage to the bottom part.It allows high cutting speed for material processing.

Cutting materials: sticker, car sticker, reflective materials, self-adhesive vinyl, label, vinyl, engineering reflective film, double-layer adhesives, etc.
Pneumatic Knife Tool
Driven by compressed air,Pneumatic Knife Tool with 6mm stroke, is especially for cutting hard and compact materials. Equipped with different kinds of blades,it can make different process effect.The tool can cut the material up to 110mm by using specialized blades.

Cutting materials: asbestos board, asbestos free board, PTFE, rubber board , fluorine rubber board, silica gel board, graphite board, graphite composite board, etc.
Milling Knife Tool
With imported spindle,it has a rotating speed of 60000 rpm.The router driven by high frequency motor can be applied for cutting hard materials with the maximum thickness of 22 mm.The customized cleaning device cleans up the production dust and debris.The air cooling system extends blade life.

Cutting materials: acrylic MDF board, pvc board, display stand, etc.
Drag Knife Tool
AOL drag knife tool can perfectly cut materials with the thickness up to 5mm. Compared to other cutting tools,it is the most cost-effective one that allows for the fastest cutting speed and lowest maintenance cost.

Cutting materials: backlit film, sticker, pp paper , folding card, flexible material less than 3mm thickness, advertising materials KT board, flexible plastics, mobile phone film, etc.
Driven Rotary Knife Tool
Driven Rotary Tool puts the materials by the high-speed rotating blades driven by the servo motor.The tool can be installed with circular blades and decagonal blades .etc which are especially suitable for cutting woven materials.

Cutting materials: textiles, canvas, leather, fabric, carbon fabric, glass fabric, carpet, blanket, fur, woven fabric, composite double, multi-layer material, flexible plastic, etc.
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