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What is the service life of a vibrating knife cutting machine? do you know?

Customers and friends often ask, how many years can a vibrating knife cutting machine be used after buying it? In fact, it's quite embarrassing. I have been making vibrating knife cutting machines for so many years, but I don't know how to answer the other party. I said that it can be used for more than 10 years, and you said I was fooling you. I said it can be used for one or two years, but you said that the quality of my equipment is not good.

As a member of AOL CNC cutting equipment company, here is a popularization for everyone, the composition of a vibrating knife cutting machine.

vibrating knife cutting machine

The vibrating knife cutting machine is composed of frame structural parts (cutting machine body), mechanical hardware accessories, electrical components and motors, and the production of these structural parts and accessories is in accordance with unified national standards. We all use imported accessories, so the normal natural service life is more than 10 years.

Therefore, if the production implementation standards of CNC cutting machine equipment are followed, a qualified vibrating knife cutting machine will have a service life of more than 10 years. Here, some people still don't believe it. I can provide some live videos and pictures of users of our cutting machines for more than 10 years to prove that the service life of cutting machines can meet this standard.

But in our daily work, we often hear users say that the accuracy of our vibrating knife cutting machine will not work after one year, and there will be many faults after two or three years, and it will basically be scrapped in four or five years. Why such a problem occurs, one is that the quality of the vibrating knife cutting machine manufacturer you ordered is not good, and you get what you pay for, so I won’t talk about the same industry here. The second is that the user lacks the maintenance and maintenance of the vibrating knife cutting machine. You also spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy a car. In the past few years, you strictly followed the requirements of the 4S shop and drove it regularly for maintenance, but you may not necessarily do maintenance for the vibrating knife cutting machine once a year.

 During the daily return visit to the customer's factory, we found the following phenomena in the process of using the vibrating knife cutting machine?

1. The newly bought vibrating knife cutting machine maintains a daily working intensity of 10-20 hours after starting up, and whether the monthly working time reaches more than 24 days.

2. After the operation of the vibrating knife cutting machine is completed in each shift, the next shift is followed by production, or before the end of get off work every day, the waste and sundries generated during the operation of the machine have never been carefully cleaned up.

3. Leave every time you finish using the machine, and the machine computer is not turned off. Or just turn off the power and leave after get off work.

4. The one-year warranty period of the vibrating knife cutting machine has passed, and the parts inside are not checked, and the worn parts are not replaced.

5. Randomly change the original factory location of accessories and components.

6. In the event of an equipment failure alarm, as long as it does not affect production, ignore it directly.

7. Use overload current to operate, and do not use the equipment according to the requirements of the working environment.

In the manufacturing industry, more or less everyone will ignore the production equipment in one way or another, and it is often these small negligence that directly affect the service life of the vibrating knife cutting machine. In fact, when it comes to this, everyone may already know it. It is really important to standardize the operation and maintenance during the use of the vibrating knife cutting machine.

A vibrating knife cutting machine costs tens of thousands of dollars cheaply and hundreds of thousands of dollars expensive. That's the price we pay for a compact family car. Why can the car be maintained monthly, but our equipment cannot? Why do we get angry when our car has a scratch on the body, but our die-cutter can punch and kick?

Therefore, AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.’s suggestion to you is that whether you order an oscillating knife cutting machine or use an oscillating knife cutting machine, maintenance work cannot be ignored! When ordering equipment, learn more about their after-sales policies with manufacturers. Some manufacturers grab the market at low prices, subtracting the cost of after-sales, exaggerating too much that the equipment does not require maintenance, or using low-end configurations, second-hand accessories protect their profits.

No matter how good or expensive a car is, it needs maintenance. Many customers will ask about the cost of maintaining a vibrating knife cutting machine. Here we will no longer talk about other brands, the cutting machines developed and produced by our company. After the customer purchases the machine, we provide a three-year warranty (except for wearing parts). We support remote assistance, help you install and use software to train users, and provide a 24H online after-sales service policy of many to one.

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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