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What are the ideal tools for a CNC gasket cutting machine?

When choosing a CNC gasket cutting machine, the importance of choosing the right tool cannot be overstated. These tools are critical to ensuring the precision and efficiency of the cutting process.

Different gasket materials require different tools for optimal cutting. Three tools suitable for various gasket types: pneumatic oscillating tool, 400W high-power electric oscillating tool, and milling tool. Choosing the right tool is about efficiency. This is to maximize the potential of the machine and ensure long-term durability. Let’s dig into the specifics of these tools and see why they stand out.

CNC gasket cutting machine

01: Pneumatic Oscillating Tools

Features include an amplitude of 5mm and a vibration frequency of 8,000 times/minute. It uses 0.7MPA compressed gas moving blade for precise cutting. This tool is ideal for medium-density materials such as nitrile sheet, neoprene sheet, silicone, silicone foam, and cork rubber. It can even handle high-hardness materials up to 1 mm thick, such as asbestos-free and PTFE gaskets. Pneumatic oscillating tools are known for their fast cutting speeds, high precision, and durability.

Pneumatic Oscillating Tools

02: 400W high power electric oscillation tool

The tool has an amplitude of 5mm, a vibration frequency of 3,000 times per minute, and is driven by a 400W servo motor. It is good at cutting high-hardness gasket materials with a thickness of 2-5mm, such as asbestos-free rubber gaskets, PTFE gaskets and graphite-reinforced gaskets. The main advantages of this tool are low machining costs and high cutting capabilities.

high power electric oscillation tool

03: High speed milling cutter

High-speed milling cutters have a power range of 350W-3000W and a rotation speed between 24,000-60,000 rpm. Can be equipped with milling cutters with diameters up to 6mm. This tool is ideal for cutting materials such as 20mm thick rubber sheets, 5mm Modified PTFE and 8mm epoxy sheets. Benefits include expanded machine processing capabilities and a built-in dust collection system to ensure a clean working environment even when handling high-density materials.

High speed milling cutter

04: Should you consider regular electric vibrating knife tools?

Ordinary electric oscillation tools are powered by 120W brushless DC motors and are suitable for cutting thin, low-hardness materials. However, they are less effective on very soft or hard materials. Although not commonly used in the gasket industry, they are ideal for cutting thin pure graphite gaskets. Additionally, to cut adhesive-backed gaskets without penetrating the adhesive layer, a powered oscillating tool or drag tool may be a wise choice.

gasket cutting.jpg

Make the right choice

In summary, choosing the right tool for your CNC gasket cutting machine is crucial. It's not just about how to cut the material, it's about how to cut the material efficiently, cleanly and accurately. At AOL CNC, we understand these needs and offer tools to meet a variety of materials and requirements. Remember, the right tools can be the difference between a quality product and a great product.

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