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   The AOL CNC blade machine has replaced the traditional cutting method and promoted the further development of flexible material cutting. The intelligent development has allowed the cutting machine to be upgraded. The emergence of the CNC cutting machine has saved many companies at least 20% of the material cost.

How is the material cost saving reflected?

1. Smart blade cutting instead of laser and other traditional cutting methods, while protecting the environment, compared with laser machines, when cutting textile materials, it will not leave black edges on the cutting edge, which makes small areas of materials unusable, or Produces an unpleasant smell. The cutting edge of the smart blade is vertical and smooth and can be used directly.

2. The system of AOL CNC cutting machine is equipped with automatic typesetting software, and is equipped with an industrial vision system. It can also intelligently scan and fill irregular materials with low usage rates, so that irregular materials can also be used.

   The saving of material cost has provided great help to the economy of the enterprise. For those expensive materials, every piece of material can be given economic feedback. This is the goal that AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has been pursuing. We have been This goal is to continuously develop and improve to make it easier!


Material: flexible material

Speed: 1000mm/s

AOL CNC cutting machine is suitable for product customization or sample cutting. It can automatically and accurately perform cutting and other processing. CNC cutting machine supports different types of cutting, (such as through cutting, kiss cutting. V-groove, compliance, milling, etc. ), it can be widely used in textiles, car interiors, leather, advertising packaging, carpets, composite materials, etc. AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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