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PDLC film material cutting machine | high precision

    Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) is a new trend material. Through the polymerization reaction of the material, the dielectric anisotropy of the liquid crystal molecules is used to obtain a material with electro-optical response characteristics. It mainly works between the scattering state and the transparent state and has a certain Grayscale. Adjust the change in opacity by the gray response of the material. It has received extensive attention and has broad application prospects.

    PDLC materials are now mainly used in the membrane material industry to decorate windows in offices, conference rooms, etc., to ensure a certain degree of privacy.

    AOL CNC cutting machine can cut PDLC film material perfectly. Due to the particularity of the film material, after cutting, there should be no burrs or burnt on the cutting edge, which affects the overall function of the PDLC film material.

On the whole, the cold cutting method of the CNC blade cutting machine is suitable for the cutting of PDLC film materials, and the cutting edges are neat and smooth, and will not affect product performance.

pdlc film material

Advantages of AOL PDLC film material cutting machine

1.The cold cutting method of the hard blade will not harm the medium of the film material.

2. AOL system is compatible with multiple file formats, one-click import and start cutting.

3. Taiwan's linear guide system, accuracy ±0.1mm, reliable guarantee of high accuracy.

4. The automatic CNC PDLC film cutting machine saves labor costs, does not need to participate in the whole process, and liberates the boss's     hands.

5. Infrared induction and emergency stop button, double protection of operator safety.

6. This is a machine that liberates the boss's body and mind, with an automated platform and a numerical control system. The boss does not need full supervision and can still complete the cutting.

7. Japan's Panasonic servo motor brand provides long-lasting and stable power to ensure the consistency of quality.

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advantage of pdlc fim cutting  machine

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