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leather material cutting machine

    Leather is a necessary material for processing garments, bags and shoes. Leather is usually divided into genuine leather, recycled leather, environmental protection leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, etc. Common leathers are mainly made of cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin and horseskin. Leather materials are expensive, the utilization rate of manual cutting materials is low and the quality is difficult to be unified, the efficiency of manual marking of defects is low, and the process of punching and marking is cumbersome. AOL intelligent cutting machine reduces users' trouble

Software system

AOL vibrating knife cutting has the characteristics of non-scorching, no burrs, smokeless and odorless for leather materials. The equipment uses an industrial vision system to quickly scan the leather and automatically recognize defects and contours. AOLCUT self-developed software, one-key import, intelligent typesetting, automatic cutting, automatic loading and unloading, improve material utilization, and maximize material saving. A variety of tools can be switched at will, and the cutting and punching mark can be completed at one time.

visual system of AOL leather cutting machine

Hardware system

The leather cutting machine has a partitioned adsorption function. The optimal adsorption range is selected according to the cutting position, and the adsorption force is increased by more than three times. The motor adopts Japanese Panasonic servo motor, which increases the production efficiency by more than three times and saves a lot of labor. The transmission adopts Swedish rack and pinion transmission, and the precision is controlled at 0.1mm.

thickness of leather material cutting machine

    The vibrating knife cutting machine has a variety of cutter heads such as vibrating knife, pneumatic knife, punching, etc. More detailed information is left for professional reply.

cutting material display of leather

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