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Industry tool selection (one) | AOL

    AOL CNC cutting machine is a leading brand of CNC cutting machines made in China. It is specialized in providing solutions for the flexible material industry. AOL CNC cutting machine is equipped with modular cutters. The material has hardness and material classification. Before cutting, it must be based on the material Different to choose the right tool, according to the industry classification as the standard, provide you with tool selection suggestions.

1. Packaging

Packaging materials are mostly cardboard boxes, including cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, corrugated cardboard and other materials. When cutting, it is necessary to be equipped with a smart blade with high precision and vertical smooth cutting edges. It is recommended to choose a vibrating knife, which is suitable for cutting harder materials. , Coupled with the strong adsorption of the platform and the use of auxiliary tools, the cutting can achieve perfect results.

2. Leather

Leather is expensive. When cutting leather materials, you must choose knives carefully. Both artificial leather and leather materials need to choose knives that will not wear the material during the cutting process, and also keep the cutting edges smooth and tidy. Use a CNC cutting machine to cut It is recommended to choose a vibrating knife. The length of the vibrating knife can be selected, and it will not cause any damage to the surface of the material. Equipped with industrial vision system to scan irregular materials,

3. Gasket (composite material)

The composite material industry represented by gaskets has many different hardnesses, material shapes, etc. Compared with other industries, the hardness of composite materials is the highest (flexible material industry), so cutting is suitable for CNC cutting machines. There will be a certain degree of difficulty. Some composite materials are composed of fibers and are often prone to burrs during cutting. Therefore, it is recommended to use a pneumatic knife for cutting. The cutting edges are vertical and smooth, and there are no burrs. Satisfactory results.

    The above is the recommendation for cutting blades of different materials with a CNC cutting machine. This is only a general direction, and specific choices should be made in specific situations.

    AOL is an industry-leading brand with 14 years of experience in the industry. We have served more than 8,000 customers worldwide and received satisfactory evaluations. We have many customers who have been cooperating with long-term stability. We provide many customers with In order to provide a personalized industry material cutting solution, if you encounter problems with industry material cutting, we can provide you with free consultation and advice services!

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