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How to use extruded plastic panels to transform RV?

Extruded board is a material that is continuously extruded and foamed by a special process. The hard film formed on the surface is uniform and flat, and the closed-cell foam inside is continuous and uniform, showing a honeycomb structure, so it has high compression resistance, light weight, and is not Water-absorbing, airtight, wear-resistant, and non-degradable.

How to convert an RV with extruded board? Please watch the video below to learn more

What is an extruded board cutting machine?

The extruded board cutting machine is composed of cutting bed, felt, adsorption device, control system, gantry frame, cutter bar and cutter head. When cutting the material, put the material on the cutting machine, the adsorption device starts to work, fix the material, select the vibrating knife (the vibrating knife can replace various types of cutter heads, adapt to a wider range of materials) and then the control system starts to control the cutting according to the shape. The vibrating knife vibrates up and down during cutting, tens of thousands of times per minute, similar to the principle of a saw blade, but without sawtooth and will not produce powder (except for some special materials).

Extruded board cutting machine

What are the advantages of extruded board cutting machine?

1. Self-developed and designed CAM software, intelligent software compensation, optimized cutting path, and improved production energy efficiency.

2. High-quality linear guide rail is adopted, and the precision error is ±0.1mm.

3. Japan's Panasonic servo system provides power, stable and continuous power supply.

4. The CNC cutting machine is equipped with a variety of knives, which are used for cutting materials in different industries, increasing the added value of the enterprise.

5. The extruded board cutting machine is a fully automatic equipment, which can automatically load and unload materials and save labor costs.

6. The system intelligently optimizes typesetting and cutting, provides better cutting and filling paths, and saves more than 30% of materials.

7. Power-saving frequency conversion vacuum adsorption, saving more than 30% of power.

8. The infrared sensor safety device ensures the safety of the operator during the high-speed movement of the machine, and at the same time avoids the loss of cutting materials.

9. Aluminum-magnesium alloy adsorption platform, durable and not deformed.

10. Anti-static interference and soft start device to protect the safety and stability of the equipment.

11. The whole machine is dust-proof to reduce the failure rate of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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