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How to choose the vibrating knife cutting machine that suits you?

  Many customers complain that there are too many oscillating knife cutting machines. The appearance looks similar, but the price varies greatly. Non-professionals can only listen to the boastful sales representatives. In fact, they have no idea. So I asked my friends and colleagues around me. In fact, they don't understand it, so it is difficult to give you the most suitable advice.

  I am AOL oscillating knife cutting machine manufacturer. We have been developing and producing innovative and cutting-edge oscillating knife cutting machine solutions since 2010, focusing on the development of sustainable, mass-produced models of digital oscillating knife cutting machines. So far we have served thousands of users, my professional suggestions are as follows:

oscillating knife cutting machine

  Oscillating knife cutting machines are now mainly used for the production of large-volume customized orders. The average production capacity is 2-3 times higher than that of manual labor. The advantages of processing are very obvious. If our order quantity is very large, would like to order multi-head cutting equipment. I even went to my colleagues and saw a few devices with nosepieces hanging on them, and I was very moved. In fact, the technical core of the vibrating knife cutting machine is the motion control card. At present, there is still a long way to go in the multi-axis and multi-drive control technology. So it is not necessary to choose a cutting machine with many heads, just suit yourself.

  Automation equipment, research and development and production of products are all a continuous process. Everyone who makes the equipment knows that the equipment cannot be quantified like instant noodles. Many accessories (motors, drives, guide rails) are dependent on imports, so the same products , The price is very different, in addition to the subjective factors of the brand, more, it is to grab customers at a low price.

  The core of the low price is the fully assembled factory. The simulated or second-hand accessories from the market do not consider the user's later use cost and maintenance cost. There are so many manufacturers of vibrating knife cutting machines now, and all the good ones are A brand that has been insisting on innovation and breakthrough for more than ten years.

Product acessories

Therefore, when choosing a vibrating knife cutting machine, there are two necessary assessment indicators.

  One is to send materials and documents to the manufacturer for proofing, test machine, video recording of the whole process, and send the samples back for evaluation. Now on Douyin, many videos are accelerated, and the cut samples are all processed. Many of our colleagues released short videos we recorded. If a manufacturer can't even handle samples well, you can imagine their equipment. Test machine and proofing can also be used as a standard for subsequent product acceptance.

  The second is to visit on the spot, go to vibrating knife manufacturers, and inspect their production sites on the spot. Seeing is believing, making samples on site, testing machines, communicating technology on site, and putting forward your own purchase needs. In this way, from the scale of the manufacturer, the product Quality, comprehensive comparison, you are almost inseparable.

Customer factory visit

  Jinan AOL vibrating knife cutting machine team members are all industry elites who have worked in vibrating knife cutting machines for 13 years.

  First of all, the vibrating knife cutting machine uses a high-speed vibrating motor to drive the blade to vibrate up and down at a high frequency and rotate within a range of 360 degrees. The vibration frequency is tens of thousands of times per minute, and the cutting head is driven vertically on the plane to move according to the predetermined route, thereby cutting Workpieces of various shapes. It can quickly complete the processing of cardboard, corrugated, gray board, pearl cotton and other packaging materials.

  Secondly, there is no smoke, no smell, no dust when the vibrating knife cuts, and the cut is smooth. It is a very advanced CNC cutting equipment. At the same time, the oscillating knife cutting machine is a combined cutting machine. In addition to cutting, it can press the wheel, half knife, dotted line, and V-groove to meet more material processing requirements. Unlike laser cutting machines, engraving machines have no functions so single.


  This article comes to an end here, if you still want to know, please contact us, we will answer you in detail as soon as possible!

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