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How to choose the right CNC cutting machine? Remember these six things!

  In today's society, CNC cutting machine is a necessary equipment in the production of many manufacturing enterprises. Recently, many bosses have asked us that the purchased equipment feels unsatisfactory after using it for a period of time. What should I do? How to choose the right cutting machine?

  This problem brings a lot of trouble to the enterprise. For the enterprise, if the cutting machine is not selected correctly, it will cause great losses.

  Today, AOL will tell you about six steps to let you know how to choose the right cutting machine!

how to choose.jpg1. Select the correct machine model

  When purchasing cutting machine equipment, you must first determine what kind of equipment to choose according to the material to be cut, thickness and cutting quality requirements. The first step is to choose the type of cutting machine equipment, for example, whether to choose a blade cutting machine or a laser cutting machine. , the criterion for judging is which machine is most suitable for the material to be cut.

machine type.jpg

2. Select the appropriate configuration

  Secondly, select the most suitable equipment according to the special process and processing requirements of the product to be cut. It should be noted that the cutting thickness of the material product determines the choice of the machine, and the specific configuration of the CNC cutting machine is very important. If you choose a blade cutting machine, you should also consider what kind of cutter head to choose to adapt to the cutting of various materials.

Cutter configuration.jpg

3. Inspection of machine tool stability

  The machine tool is an important part of the cutting machine. After selecting the model and configuration, it is necessary to start to examine the quality of the cutting machine provided by the manufacturer. It is mainly the structure of the machine tool, the quality of the guide rail and the motor. The quality of these parts will determine the accuracy of the cutting machine equipment and the quality of the products produced.

4. Ensure the stability of the CNC system

  The stability of the CNC cutting machine system is very important. If the system is not stable enough to operate, it needs to be repaired for a long time, which is a great loss for both cutting machine manufacturers and enterprises. Therefore, when purchasing a cutting machine, you should carefully examine whether the cutting machine system can operate stably.

Machine advantage.jpg

5. Cutting quality and cutting efficiency

  The cutting quality and cutting efficiency of the product are the most concerned about the users who use the cutting machine, not only the key point of acceptance when the user buys the cutting machine, but also the standard for evaluating the quality of the cutting machine equipment. When the hardware of the cutting machine is similar, the efficiency and cutting quality of the cutting machine are determined by the software.

  The complete cutting software package can better improve the cutting quality and precision, and realize the real intelligence and automation.

6. Save raw materials and improve work efficiency

  This is an issue that enterprises pay more attention to. For a business to be profitable, it must minimize the consumption of raw materials. Therefore, it is necessary to have a set of intelligent and efficient software programming, which really saves raw materials for customers and maximizes profits.

  Taking leather as an example, if the cutting machine cannot cut with high efficiency and fully automatically, the cutting efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the raw materials will be wasted, which will lead to increased production costs, which will reduce the competitiveness of enterprises and hinder the sales of goods, which will bring immeasurable benefits to enterprises.

Leather material display.jpg

  If you are afraid of being deceived when buying equipment, you are afraid that you will not agree with your wishes, and you are afraid that there will be no after-sales service after purchasing, you can contact us, and we will take care of it for you! It is AOL's greatest honor to be able to solve the problem for you!

If there is anything else you want to know, please contact us in time!

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