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Cutting solution for plastic film industry—film digital cutting machine

  The use of plastic film is increasing year by year. In fact, they have become an essential part of our daily lives. Plastic films are used for a variety of purposes, with packaging being the most important of them all. According to the report, the packaging film market will register a healthy CAGR of 6% during 2020-2025. In particular, China and India will be the major beneficiaries of the global packaging film market during this period. This is because packaging films are usually made of plastic, which is cheap and lightweight. However, the use of packaging films for different products involves their correct cutting, which is difficult only by manual intervention. This is where digital cutters come into play.

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  After an in-depth study of plastic film materials, you can refer to packaging film as a coating of heated and non-heated plastic layers. The main components of these materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. These multilayer films are best suited for the consumer goods and food packaging industries. However, using these films for product packaging requires that they be cut properly so that they look good enough for the size of the product in question. The industry prefers to use CNC machines to perform this in an extremely fine manner. These machines provide precise cutting solutions for the packaging film industry and are therefore favored by many product manufacturers. For best results, it's worth using an AOL CNC film digital cutter.

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Industrial grade digital cutting machine

  From everyday life to industrial level, the use of plastic films is ubiquitous for many reasons. When it comes to the industrial level, many companies are using these films to wrap particles. Before any company can ship the goods to fulfill any order, they need to have these pellets packaged. Mainly, the construction industry uses plastic films and films for various purposes.

Some uses of common plastic films in industry:

  • For packing and shipping packages

  • For erosion control

  • For gas and humidity control

  • For insulating film

  • For building envelope

  Making films ideal for all these purposes was no easy task, but it required considerable effort. Manually cutting films for packaging and other jobs is time consuming. It also doesn't lead to perfection. In this regard, digital cutting machines are the ideal solution for the film industry.

The benefits that can be brought by the use of thin films mainly include the following points:

  • Durable plastic film

  • Multipurpose plastic material

  • Membrane's water resistance is incredible

  • Can be managed in high and low temperatures

  • Plastic can be reused many times

  • Film recycling makes it greener

  Polyethylene material withstands pressure and handles other natural elements. Plastic films are a popular choice in the food packaging industry because they make food and beverages attractive. At the same time, it can also protect food.

Plastic Packaging

Working efficiency of film digital cutting machine:

  The efficiency of digital cutters varies from brand to brand. AOL CNC provides a convenient way to cut film. It does not need to make a mold separately, but only needs to import the pattern to be cut by the system. More specifically, the CNC digital film knife cutting machine focuses on flexible material cutting through its automatic conveying system. It includes a multi-tool cutting head with fixed blades for easy cutting tasks, and can be equipped with pressure rollers, pneumatic knives, v-cutters, half-cutters, milling cutters, etc. as required. The machine is ideal for cutting square corners of packaging film and other materials with its tangent control.

How can a digital cutting machine be an effective cutting solution for the plastic film industry?

  Plastic films are virtually indispensable in many general and industrial applications due to their ability to provide long-lasting protection to products and enhance the durability of underlying surfaces. To meet the rapidly diversifying requirements of the industry, film production units require state-of-the-art cutting mechanisms. Digital cutting solutions from industry experts like AOL CNC can make a huge difference in this regard. These machines provide premium cutting solutions in terms of production and quality of finished films for various applications.


Fine cutting

  Many film layers require precision while mass producing identical films to apply to specific surfaces. For example, to label film, you need to cut it to precise specifications and precision. Digital cutting can make the process automatic, error-free, and often requires minimal human intervention after the initial entry.

Reduce costs and save money

  Digital cutting can make life easier for film manufacturers by making the process faster, more accurate and automated. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use the latest offering of such tools from AOL CNC. While the initial cost may seem high, the long-term benefits and minimal degradation of the equipment will quickly pay off the investment.

  Digital cutters help you to customize the film to the specific dimensions of your product; therefore, the need to use additional material is significantly reduced. The dynamic utilization of packaging films simplifies your packaging system, which in turn reduces manufacturing costs. In addition, it is less expensive to choose packaging film than plastic or glass containers.

Suitable for various cutting sizes

  They enable the system to quickly produce a variety of designs with high precision. Manufacturers can meet demand for a wide range of film sizes in less time, ultimately increasing productivity. Make the production process faster and smoother

Product advantages

  The packaging film industry is widely used in various verticals. Flexible packaging films are used for everything from packaged food to premium consumer goods, pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and more. Their use is widespread for a number of reasons, for example, they make outer packaging tear-resistant and these films protect products during packaging, distribution and storage. In addition, they protect the contents from external factors such as moisture, gas and light, thereby maintaining the freshness, aroma and quality of the product.

  Therefore, it is also important to make these films usable for packaging these contents by cutting them with high precision. While traditional cutting solutions face some challenges like producing high quality film rolls, hassle of cutting with precision, etc., CNC machines free you from all these problems. So, if you are in the packaging film business, ordering machines from AOL CNC would be a wise decision. No wonder these machines offer a range of cutting solutions for the film industry. For more information on precision digital cutting machines, or if you would like to purchase one of these for your business, check out AOL CNC's official website.

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