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Cutting machine for the trap industry

What is trap material

Laminated fabric (a kind of material that uses high-strength polyester or nylon as the base fabric to be coated with scraped out-shaped pvc slurry on both sides, and is formed by a drying process)

It is not a simple cloth, but a composite fabric in which the front and back sides of the trap cloth are glued together by glue (film) through processes such as cold pasting, hot pasting or scraping.

In order to meet the different needs of users, the merchant chooses trap fabrics of various yarn weave densities; according to the trap of the trap cloth, weave a variety of patterns such as square trap, diamond trap, bird's eye trap, diamond trap, etc., and produce various specifications , Thickness, color and strength of the sandwich fabric


trap cloth use

1. Decorative sunshade cover, exhibition canopy cover;

2. Membrane structure buildings and roofs of temporary buildings;

3. All kinds of car canopy, soft carriage and storage and transportation canopy;

4. It is widely used for turning box auto parts and trolley canopy for light, rain and dust prevention.


The use of trap cloth is more extensive. Taking PVC trap cloth as an example, it can be divided into general type and environmental protection type according to its performance. The general type refers to those without any environmental protection requirements, and can be used in various rainwear, luggage, tarpaulins, inflatable products, parasols, and can also be used in areas such as traffic warnings and special clothing. The environmental protection type can cover almost all aspects of general use. However, the environmentally friendly price is slightly higher.


Material classification

There are many kinds of trap fabrics, generally: pvc trap fabric, TPU trap fabric, PEVA trap fabric, TPE trap fabric and rubber trap fabric, etc. Among them, the most common one is pvc trap fabric, which should have a certain relationship with its material (PVC).

PVC, its main component is polyvinyl chloride, its advantages are: mature manufacturing technology, relatively low price, good insulation performance, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, etc., and has certain characteristics of high and low temperature resistance; the middle network There are also many kinds of plaid, as far as the material is concerned, there are two kinds of polyester and nylon;


TPU trap cloth is relatively expensive and is mainly used in medical and food packaging; as for rubber trap cloth, users generally use it for aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

PEVA trap cloth

It is an environmentally friendly material, its performance is similar to Oxford cloth, and its main function is waterproof.

The trap material has been generally recognized by the market for its water resistance and wear resistance. At the same time, the market demand is gradually increasing, and the demand for trap cutting is also gradually increasing. We recommend AOL automatic trap cutting machine.

 Cutting machine for the trap industry

Cutting advantage

1. AOL CUT self-developed software is imported with one key, and general workers are proficiently on duty in 2 hours

2. Automatic pulling and unloading, saving time and effort, and reducing labor costs

3. The cold cutting method using blades is pollution-free and meets environmental protection standards.

4. Use Japanese Panasonic servo system to increase production efficiency by more than five times

5.AOL Wire trap Cutting Machine has won 6 patented technology certifications at home and abroad

 advantage of trap cutting mchine

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