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Application of CNC flat cutting machine on nail stickers

  As we all know, nail art has been favored by young women in recent years and is an indispensable part of young women. And there are cartoon nail art stickers for children. Do you know how to make various nail stickers? Let's see the application of AOL flatbed cutting machine on nail art stickers.

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  AOL Flat Slitting Machine is specially designed for digital graphic shops and digital proofing shops. It can cut cardboard, white cardboard, coated paper, self-adhesive labels within 500g, and can also cut pet film, PVC film and other soft materials. Material. Equipped with CCD camera positioning function, it can quickly and accurately cut various printing materials, such as self-adhesive labels, nail stickers, car stickers, color boxes, gift boxes, etc. The cutting area of the flat cutting machine is 1600*800mm, and the cutting speed of the flat cutting machine can reach 2000mm /s, complete functions, lower price, is a good helper for your work.

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What are the benefits of using an AOL tablet slitter?

  Although the traditional label cutting machine has an advantage in speed, it needs to make a mold according to the sticker every time, which not only wastes time, but also increases a lot of cost. At the same time, large label cutting machines always take up a lot of space and have high procurement costs, which are not suitable for the production of customized products.

  It adopts 3 cutting heads for automatic cutting, and can automatically find the edge according to the design file, and can cut various standard graphics or special-shaped patterns with the knife. It also has the function of automatic deviation correction to ensure the accuracy of long-term continuous cutting, and can perform fully automatic operation without attention.

  The label cutting machine can complete marginal waste discharge and lamination functions while cutting labels, saving labor and cost to the greatest extent. At the same time, the AOL digital label cutting machine is smaller in size and occupies a smaller area, which is especially suitable for small custom printing companies and large manufacturers who independently produce printed materials to make barcodes or labels.

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