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Anti-stab cloth vibrating knife cutting machine!

  The stab-proof cloth cutting machine, also known as the vibrating knife cutting machine, is a cutting equipment that integrates automatic feeding, cutting and unloading. The equipment is controlled by a computer, and the operation is simple. Only one person is enough to operate the whole equipment, which can replace 4 -6 manpower.

  The anti-stab cutting machine is not only suitable for cutting anti-stab cloth, it has a variety of knives such as vibrating knife, round knife, pneumatic knife, drag knife, punching, slotting, etc. It is suitable for cutting various fabrics and plates, and is suitable for leather, etc. Material punching and cutting, but also suitable for slotting and engraving of materials such as sound-absorbing panels.

Anti-stab cloth vibrating knife cutting machine

  The body of the equipment adopts an integrated welding process, the working surface is made of aviation alloy material, the feeding felt is made of Dutch brand, and the motor is made of Panasonic system, which guarantees the running speed and quality of the whole machine, and the electrical appliances of the whole machine are imported configurations.

  Recently, several colleagues came to communicate and talked about our industry. The vibrating knife cutting machine is too tired, and the price war has become unprofitable. For a novice, is he confused by so many types in the process of purchasing an oscillating knife cutting machine? Therefore, let me "prescribe the right medicine" for your doubts, and let's take a look at which cutting machine is better!

  First of all, it is necessary to mention the laser cutting machine mentioned in many articles. Due to the hot application of laser in recent years, the laser cutting machine has naturally received great attention. Indeed, laser cutting machines have a series of benefits, which can not only ensure the smoothness of the cutting edge, but also perform efficient and precise cutting processing, and are used by more and more factories and enterprises.

  Cutting machines that use knives for cutting also have a wider market. This is mainly because it can flexibly cut the types of tools, and can adjust the parameters of the tools according to the needs, and it can be "handy" for complex cutting.

  There are also cutting machines that use wire cutting. Its main working principle is to realize the cutting work of the cloth through the high temperature of the electric heating wire. The cost of this type of vibrating knife cutting machine is low, and you can choose to buy it according  to your personal conditions.

  All types of vibrating knife cutting machines have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. As a buyer, all you need to do is to weigh the two and your own situation before choosing the most cost-effective and most suitable vibrating knife cutting machine.

  The most taboo thing about anti-stab cloth is the scorching and yellowing after cutting. After this situation occurs, manual secondary processing is required. Here we recommend using the blade CNC cutting machine, which not only has a neat cut surface, but also has high precision and no secondary processing. Processing!

Machine Type Comparison

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