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Aluminum Plastic Plate CNC Cutter

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used industrial materials. Its strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for several applications in the marine, aerospace, and railway industries, all of which value lightweight durabiility. It’s a favorite in the automotive industry especially for its thermal and aesthetic appeal. In all of these sectors, aluminum needs to be cut precisely, and that’s where aluminum plastic plate cnc cutter comes in.

aluminum plastic plate

Features of aluminum plastic plate cnc cutter:

Machine structure: square pipe welding and aero-aluminum stitching (for the convenience of customers send it into the factory, need to be dismantled and assembled as a whole)

Machine body part:  6mm square tube welding, after 800 degrees high temperature heat treatment,  release steel internal stress ( to ensure the long-term use of equipment accuracy unchanged), natural cooling after milling machine finishing, to ensure that the body accuracy error of 5 silk (0.05mm), the weight of the machine up to 1.5 tons to ensure the stability of the machine high-speed cutting.

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