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How to protect ourselves daily to against the C-virus

Dear AOL friends: 

Pls let me tell some tips how to protect ourselves daily to against the C-virus:

1. Stay at home,don't go out.

2. Wear medical mask when you must go out,remember don't take off mask outside,even if just a few seconds without a mask outside,it will may infected. 

3. Offen wash hands with soap.  

4. Don't talk with many people and don't stay with many people,if must, distance must be 1.5M far each other. Cancel any type of party or any place with so many people.

5. Often ventilated at home or office. 

6. Daily spray with 75% ethyl alcohol or diluent disinfectant fluid ( both can not mixed together,otherwise,it will be dangerous and bad for health and heart),especially in lift,bus,metro, this time,private car is most safe than any public transportation.

7. Offer check the body temperature,below of 37.3 degree is safe.

8. Daily 1 hour physical exercise.

9. Don't eat wild animals.

10. Care about the epidemic situation and educating others around you.

11.Once cough or have a sore throat or with high temperature,immediately go to hospital to check or must be isolation at home.

(If it is a flu,it will come with runny nose, while C-virus won't have this symptoms of runny rose.)

Trust the C-virus will pass soon, let’s expect great days!

Best wishes

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