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A new year begins | AOL

The happy Spring Festival holiday is over, and all our staff have started the new year's work in their posts. We will also carefully manufacture all CNC cutting machines that are already under heavy orders.

If you have a CNC cutting machine that you need to know more about, our professional staff will reply you quickly and can also answer your questions. Welcome to leave a message.


Material: flexible material

Speed: 1000mm/s

AOL CNC cutting machine is suitable for cutting high-quality products or samples. It can automatically and accurately perform cutting and other processing. CNC cutting machines support different types of cutting, (such as through cutting, kiss cutting, V-groove, punching , Milling, etc.), it can be widely used in textiles, automotive interiors, leather, advertising packaging, carpets, composite materials, gaskets and other industries. AOL intelligent blade cutting has high-quality cutting results, and AOL can provide professional assembly line solutions for the industry.

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AOL CNC cutting machine

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